UFC 188 Results: Kelvin Gastelum Puts A Beating On Marquardt, Forcing Him to Quit

Kelvin Gastelum returns at UFC Long Island

Gastelum wins

Middleweights Kelvin Gastelum and Nate Marquardt fought in the main cards third fight.

Gastelum was the aggressor early. He landed a few nice leg kicks. Gastelum backed Marquardt to the cage and landed some big punches. Marquardt came forward and landed a nice punch combo. They clinched and Marquardt landed a big knee. Marquardt leaped in with a jab, then clinched up. Marquardt gets the quick takedown, but Gastelum gets to his feet right away. Then it was Gastelum who got the takedown and immediately went to the back.  Marquardt got free and to his feet. With ten seconds left and his back in the cage Marqurdt ate a flurry from Gastelum.

Gastelum landed two big leg kicks to start round two. Marquardt clinched up with Gastelum but then they broke away. Marquardt was taking a lot of damage. He seemed heat on his feet, sort of sluggish. Gastelum started teeing off with Marquardt on the ground. The referee was close to stopping it, with Marquardt taking a lot of damage. Marquardt got to his feet, but Gastelum got him to the ground again. Gastelum moves to half guard and starts landing elbows. Then Marquardt rolled and Gastelum tried for his back. Marquardt rolled and threatened with a leg lock. Gastelum stood up and walked away. The round ended.

In between rounds Marquardt told his coach that he had nothing left. His corner stopped the fight.

RESULTS: Gastelum wins via TKO at 5:00 of round 2

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