UFC 188 Results: Henry Cejudo Uses Grappling To Secure Unanimous Decision

Cejudo wins

The featured prelim was between UFC flyweights Chico Camus and Henry Cejudo.

Cejudo came out with a jab, then a front body kick. Both fighters swung with big punches during an exchange, then Cejudo moved in and got the clinch against the cage. Camus got free. Cejudo tried to clinch again but was unable to. Camus thew a hard punch combo that was blocked. Cejudo tried again and got Camu on the cage in the clinch. Camu broke free again. Both fighters were throwing big bombs. Cejudo worked his grappling again and pushed Camu to the cage. He went for a single leg takedown, Camu punched him and got free. Camu really started landing with his punches. Cejudo clinched on the cage again. The fighters weren’t doing anything so the referee separated them. When he did Camu pushed Cejudo’s head away. The referee talked to him about it before restarting the fight. The round ended shortly after.

The second started and Camu bean landing again with his strikes. Cejudo tried for a clinch but got thrown off. Cejudo is in there swinging with Camu but hasn’t laded much. He pushes Camu to the cage and clinches again. He tried to get a single leg, but fails. Camu really winning the stand up. Cejudo shoots in and grabs a leg, Camu shows great balance and defends the takedown, but does get pushed to the cage again. They eventually break After some vicious stand up from both fighters, Cejudo goes and gets the clinch on the cage again. He tried to separate a little to land a punch but Camu shoves him away. Cejudo almost lands a head kick as the round ends.

In the third they both came out swinging until Camu ate a finger to the eye. They stopped it shortly then began again. Cejudo went for a takedown again and again was denied. Cejudo duked down and Camu landed a big knee, but then Cejudo moved in and got the clinch on the cage again, before they broke away shortly after. Not sure if these guys had some anger towards each other, but they were throwing down. Cejudo again got the cage clinch until about a minute left. Cejudo finally got a takedown with thirty second left. After throwing a few punches he stood up, then tried to land a big kick when Camu go to his feet. Fight over.

RESULTS: Cejudo wins via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

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