UFC 188 Results: Eddie Alvarez Battles Through Swollen Eye To Grab Split Decision

Eddie Alvarez

Alvarez wins

A much anticipated fight between Eddie Alvarez and Gilbert Melendez just went down during UFC 188’s co-main event.

At the start both fighters felt each other out. Melendez landed a few nice jabs in a row. Alvarez came in and Melendez rocked him bad with a right hand. Alvarez moved back and Melendez moved forward. He did’nt rush in though. Melendez stalked him. Melendez landed another big punch combo. Alvarez came in with a nice body head combo. Melendez lands another big right hand over the top. Both fighters stayed really patient. Alvarez landed a nice leg kick. Another clean jab landed for Melendez. Round ended.

After the round you could see that Alvarez’s eye was swollen almost completely shut.

Alvarez lands a nice right hand. Gil stayed patient, just walking Alvarez down. Alvarez shot in for a takedown and pushed Melendez to the cage. Melendez took a shot to the groin. The fight was stopped then restarted. Another good leg kick from Alvarez. Gil lands a few nice jabs. Alvarez goes for a takedown and again gets Gil on the cage. He ended up getting the takedown, but Melendez got right back to his feet. Still on the cage, Alvarez separated and landed a nice spinning elbow.

In the third Alvarez came out and went for the takedown right away. He got Gil down against the cage. Gil got back to his feet. They separated from the cage. Eddie lands a nice right hand. Alvarez shoots again, gets Gil down briefly before he gets to his feet again. Alvarez drags him to the mat, then Gil gets up and they went back to striking. They started swinging like wild men towards the end of the fight. Alvarez landed another spinning punch. Gil landed few clean jabs and an uppercut. The fight ends and both men touched gloves.

RESULTS: Alvarez wins via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

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