UFC 187 Results: Rafael Natal Did Enough To Get The Split Decision Over Flashy Striker Uriah Hall

Rafael Natal WINS


Things got heated at the weigh-ins between middleweights Rafael Natal and Uriah Hall, adding some anticipation to the second fight on FOX Sports 1 prelims.

Hall walked right up to Natal when the fight started and Natal kicked him the groin. The fight was stopped for Hall to recover. The fight started again and Natal landed a nice leg kick. He went for another but Hall caught it and landed a big punch. Natal again landed a leg kick. Hall stayed patient and moved forward. Natal threw a big overhand right that missed. Front body kick landed from Hall. Flashy leg kick to head kick doesn’t land for Hall. Natal appeared to me the more active fighter early, throwing me volume than Hall. Natal threw and landed leg kick but ate a head kick from Hall. Hall then landed nice spinning body kick. Hall did a good job just slipping Natal’s big punches. Natal was able to grab Hall tried to get him to the ground. They ended up clinching on the cage until the round ended.

The second started and Hall managed to land a few nice leg kicks. Natal moved forward with a one two but Hall slipped them both. Eventually Natal managed to shoot in and get a takedown. Hall locked him up into full guard. Natal moved to half guard but Hall, against the cage managed to get to his feet. Natal held on and clinched him on the cage. They separated and Hall went back to trying to land hard kicks to the body and head. Hall literally just walked in front of Natal for a moment until shooting in for a takedown. He clinched Natal against the cage, then managed to pick him up and slam him, but Natal jumped right up. Still holding on Hall threw him down again. The round ended with Hall on top position. It was pretty even going into round three.

Hall checked a kick toward the start of the third, then answered back with his own. Hall jumped forward with a nice knee to the body. Hall threw a head kick and immediately Natal went in for a takedown. He was unable to hold to Hall. Hall continued to land nice leg kicks. Natal tried to rush in with punches but Hall just moved to the side and avoided damage. Natal got ahold of leg and forced Hall back again the cage. He worked for a single leg takedown but Hall defended it. The referee separated them with about 40 seconds left. Hall went for a pretty spinning kick but missed. Natal kept trying to get ahold of him, but Hall just slipped out every time. The fight ended.


RESULTS: Rafael Natal wins via split decision (29-28.28-29,29-28)

By: Ryan C. Miller | @ryancmiller1630

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