UFC 187 Results: Chris Weidman Makes Quick Work Of Belfort, Wins In First Round And Retains Title

former middleweight champion

Chris Weidman WINS

Weidman drew first blood with a body kick. Weidman looked to be the aggressor early. Both fighters began almost stumbling around. Belfort landed a punch and then moved in with a flurry of Belfort like punches. Weidman had his back on the cage and was taking a lot of punches from Belfort, but did a good job overing up. Belfort really let go and tried to finish it.

When they separated away from the cage Weidman landed an easy takedown. Almost immediately he moved to mount and began teeing off on Belfort. Belfort tried to move out of it but eventually was unable to. Weidman rained down punches until the referee stopped the fight. It’s very possible Belfort blew his tank early and just didn’t have anything left to defend on the ground.

RESULTS: Chris Weidman wins at 2:53 of round 1

By: Ryan C. Miller | @ryancmiller1630