UFC 184 Results: Lewis Pounds His Way To A TKO Win

Derrick Lewis

The heavyweights were up next in the first fight on the FOX Sport 1 broadcast. Derrick Lewis and Ruan Potts looked to duke it out in what was expected to be a barn burner.

Potts threw the first strike of the fight, a leg kick, that missed. He looked to keep his distance, trying to land leg kicks from afar. Lewis just casually walked forward waiting for his time to strike Eventually the two men clinched up, and Lewis landed a trip only to see Potts get right to his feet. The fight was stopped when Potts ate a knee to the groin. Potts threw three strait kicks, then Lewis moved in and Potts stumbled backwards. Lewis tried to follow up and strike from the top but Potts tried for of a leg lock. Lewis was able to free himself but shortly after found himself on the mat with Potts in half guard. Lewis powered himself out of the position, reversing Potts and taking the top control. Both men found their way to their feet, with Potts clinching Lewis on the cage, where the round ended.

The second started and Lewis was much more aggressive.  He moved in and got Potts to the ground. Lewis stayed in half guard where he landed huge shots and eventually made his way to full mount. Potts did his best to cover up and bump Lewis off but Lewis continued to land big punches before Potts curled up and the referee stopped the fight.


Results: Lewis wins via TKO at 3:18 of round 2