UFC 184 Results: Ellenberger Submits Koscheck In Round 2, Ends Three Fight Losing Streak

Jake Ellenberger

The third fight of UFC 184’s main card featured the return of welterweight Josh Koscheck and #11 ranked Jake Ellenberger

Ellenberger came in with three straight losses just like his opponent. Obviously both men were looking to win and were possibly fighting to keep their jobs.

Fighters didn’t touch gloves and came out swinging. Ellenberger looked to utilize a jab early just like GSP did against Koscheck. Koscheck shot in for a takedown and got it. Ellenberger used the cage to get to his feet, but Koschek stayed on him and looked to get another takedown. Kos kept the pressure on, throwing knees and foot stomps while he had Ellenberger on the cage. Ellenberger broke away and the fight went back to the center of the octagon. Ellenberger walked forward, landing that jab and staying patient. Koscheck moved well and stayed out of the way of any big shots. By the end of the first Kos looked to already have some swelling due to that jab.

Immediately at the start of round two Kos shot in for a takedown. He eventually got Ellenberger on the cage and went to work for a single leg.  The referee eventually separated them due to inactivity. Halfway though the round Kos began rubbing his left eye over and over. Ellenberger kept on him and continued to land the jab. With 90 second left Kos went for a single leg takedown. It was stuffed again, but he got Ellenberger on the cage. Ellenberger locked up a guillotine that then turned into a hand triangle. Kos eventually had to tap.

Results: Ellenberger wins via submission (hand triangle/guillotine) at 4:20 of round 2

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