UFC 181 Results: Samman Brutally KOs Gordan with Head Kick

Josh Samman wins - 181

Josh Samman told his coaches he was going to knock Eddie Gordan out with a head kick, and he was right!

Eddie Gordan was on his way to racking up a decision victory by wrestling his way to the end of the fight, but his refusal to advance positioning forced the referee to stand them back up. Gordan now wishes he

After the action was reset in the middle of the octagon, Samman blasted Gordan with a shin-to-chin left high kick that sent him crashing to the mat. Samman landed a glancing hook as Samman was falling to the mat, but he walked away knowing he had the win in the bag. To nobody’s surprise, the referee waved the fight off while Samman was already walking to his corner to celebrate.

That was one of the most devastating switch-kick knockouts in Ultimate Fighting Championship history.

Josh Samman def. Eddie Gordan by way of KO (Headkick) 3:08 of Round 2

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