UFC 178 Stars Sound Off On Whether Or Not Demetrious Johnson Can Be Beat

Mighty Mouse Johnson

Demetrious Johnson is set to defend his flyweight championship tonight in the main event of UFC 178 against Chris Cariaso. Leading up to the bout, the stars of UFC 178 gave their thoughts on whether or not Demetrious Johnson can be beat.

Donald Cerrone: “I probably tell him (Cariaso) to work the body try to slow him (Johnson) down. Other than that…I don’t know…the dude’s on fire, he is, he’s just full of energy…If I fought him I’d grab his little a** and settle him down (laughs)”

Dominick Cruz: “You know, there is a way to beat him there’s a way to beat all of us. You just got to really look at the style, and look at body types, what they carry, what they don’t carry, where they’re at. And DJ at 125 is pretty untouchable in my opinion. He’s the champion, he’s defended it countless times, he’s got the mindset he lives the lifestyle, he’s very confident, he’s always in shape, he’s the champion. He’s the definition of champion. One of the top pound for pound fighters on Earth in my opinion. So I’m proud to have said that I’ve fought such a beast like him, there is a way to beat him, its been done, well see if the 25ers can figure it out.”

Cody Gibson: “I don’t know if you’re going to technically beat him, like just by technique. He’s just so fast, there’s nobody that can match his speed I’ve seen him live and its even more impressive than watching him on TV. He’s just so fast, and he creates so many angles, and I don’t think he’s appreciated enough for his skills, maybe just because hes a 125 pounder.”

Tim Kennedy: “Demetrious is so fast with such fluid integration of his striking and takedowns, you have to interrupt that. When he gets into his rhythm and Demetrious sets the pace nobody can keep up, he does it for 25 minutes, he’s hitting you, he’s taking you down, great transitions, great reshots, you have to interrupt that.”

Kevin Lee: “I think you just got to grind on him, you really got to grind out the win with him, I don’t think you’re going to come out and really smoke him in any category at all, I think he’s one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world next to Jose Aldo.”

Quotes courtesy of MMAJunkie.

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