UFC 178 Results: Romero Nearly KOd in Round 2 Only to TKO Kennedy in Round 3

Yoel Romero WINS

Yoel Romero overpowered Tim Kennedy in the first round and it seemed like he was in full control of the bout. Kennedy showed no signs of frustration and simply waited for an opportunity to present itself.

That opportunity presented itself in round two with only seconds remaining. After seeing little offense, Kennedy grabbed the wrist of Romero and cracked him with an uppercut. Romero stumbled backwards and seemed to be out of it. Kennedy followed up with another uppercut and he started to unload on Romero. Romero seemed seconds away from falling on the canvas, but he was saved by the bell and barely made it back to his corner.

After the break in between the second and third rounds, Romero was still sitting on his stool when the round was about to start! His corner was out of the octagon and the referee ordered Romero’s corner to get the stool but Romero remained sitting. It was a questionable tactic but it seemed to work as he took to the center of the octagon with dynamite in his fist.

Romero rocked Kennedy with a right cross and dropped him. Kennedy made it back to his feet quickly, but it was clear that nobody was home. He turned his back to Romero and tried to run away but Romero caught him with a shot and dropped him again. Romero dove on Kennedy and proceeded to pummel him. Kennedy kept his hands moving and tried to get out of his bad positioning, but Romero was simply too much for him to handle. There was no escaping the attack of “The Soldier of God” and the referee had seen enough.

Yoel Romero def. Tim Kennedy by way of TKO (Strikes) :58 of Round 3

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