UFC 174 Results: Johnson Retains Title with Decision Win Against Baganitonov

Demetrious Johnson proved to be one of the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s most impressive fighters after his performance tonight. The fight may not have played out like the viewers wanted it to, but Johnson picked up the victory with minimal damage and that’s intelligent fighting.

Despite giving the center of the octagon to Baganitonov, Johnson still turned the tables and dictated where the fight went. Johnson often backed Baganitonov up against the fence and when he did not fire off a combination, Baganitonov would clinch and press Johnson up against the fence. Johnson showed great dexterity by landing knees to the head of Baganitonov, even when he was postured up and standing straight.

Baganitonov could not gain any momentum; he was simply outclassed the entire fight. Almost all of his leg kicks were checked by Johnson and every clinch attempt backfired. Joe Rogan said it best when he claimed Baganitonov looked perplexed and overwhelmed.

Baganitonov almost gained some momentum when he was able to land a takedown in the third round, but Johnson got right back up to his feet seconds later. Johnson wasted little movement throughout the fight and doubled the total number of Baganitonov’s landed strikes in four out of the five rounds.

Despite fighting off the clinch and takedown attempts for four rounds, Johnson still looked fresh as ever at the start of round five. Johnson put an exclamation mark on his performance after round five where he displayed amazing head movement, ducking and dodging most of Baganitonov’s strikes.

After being named the victor, Johnson stated he was going to stay in the division and continue being “King”.

Demetrious Johnson def. Ali Baganitonov by way of Unanimous Decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-45)

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