UFC 174 Headliner Denies Reports Of Drug Testing Failure

According to reports coming out of Russian website, MMABoxing.ru, UFC 174 headliner Ali Bagautinov has a prior drug test failure in his athletic history.

The report detailed the use of a common stimulant, which could aid in giving the user an extra surge of strength and energy.

Ali, in an interview with FOX Sports denied the allegations and explained his stance:

Ali Bagautinov told FOX Sports through an interpreter that the story, initially published by MMABoxing.ru and translated by Bloody Elbow, was “nonsense and “BS.”

“If you don’t pass these tests and something happens, you are going to be disqualified,” Bagautinov said. “How come I participated in Russian federation fights and I was not disqualified? I guess it speaks for itself.”

“I guess someone wanted to knock me off and upset me and that’s why they decided to come up with some BS and something that doesn’t have any foundation,” Bagautinov said.

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