‘UFC 171: Hendricks vs. Lawler’ Preliminary Card Play-By-Play And Live Results

‘UFC 171: Hendricks vs. Lawler’ goes down tonight from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.

In this thread we will be covering both the UFC Fight Pass and UFC on FOX Sports 2 Preliminary Card Broadcasts. (For our pay-per-view play-by-play and results click HERE.)

The action kicks off at 3:00 p.m. PT / 6:00 p.m. ET.

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ROUND 1 – Whiteford lands a leg kick. Pineda answers with a body kick. Pineda misses with a head kick. Pineda lands a hard body kick. Fighters clinch, Whiteford gets Pineda pinned against the cage. Whiteford throws a few knees to the legs. Whiteford goes for the trip and gets the takedown, but Pineda gets to his feet quickly. Whiteford shoots and gets another takedown. Pineda gets up and is pinned against the cage again. Referee breaks the fighters and restarts them in the center of the octagon. Another body kick from Pineda. Good leg kick from Pineda. Whiteford is lunging in with right hands. Whiteford throws a head kick, misses. Pineda does the same. Whiteford 10-9

ROUND 2-  Whiteford goes for the takedown right away and gets it. Whiteford is in full guard. Pineda doing a good job keeping Whiteford from posturing up. Whiteford stands up, Pineda gets to his feet and is immediately pushed against the fence. Pineda reverses and gets a takedown, Whiteford gets to his feet. Pineda landing more leg kicks. Whiteford lands a good head kick, Pineda looks hurt, but continues to push forward. Pineda is cut. Whiteford goes for a takedown, fails. Whiteford lands another good head kick. Whiteford gets Pineda against the cage. Pineda rolls under for a knee bar. It looks deep, but Whiteford gets free and is on top. Lots of blood from Pineda. Whiteford throws a knee to the chest. Fighters separate and meet in the center. Whiteford begins to jog backwards. Whiteford 10-9.

ROUND 3- Whiteford gets takedown. Whiteford in full guard. Referee is warning to pick up the action. Whiteford is laying on Pineda, but not doing much. Another warning from the ref. The fighters are stood up. Whiteford looks exhausted.  Pineda goes for a spinning backfist, misses and gets taken down. Pineda again goes for a knee bar.  Whiteford gets out and ends up on top in half guard. Pineda trying for a triangle. Whiteford gets free and is in side control. Now in full guard. Referee stands them up again. Whiteford goes for a takedown, Pineda ends up on top. Pineda is in half guard. Pineda is looking for a kimura, lets it go. Whiteford 10-9.

Result: Whiteford wins via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)


ROUND 1 – Mcdaniel throws a body kick. Strickland throws a front body kick, misses. Does it again. Mcdaniel goes in with punches, then looks for a takedown. Strickland gets right back to his feet. Mcdaniel has him against the cage. Stickland gets the takedown, is in half guard. Strickland stands up and comes down with a punch, back in half guard. Strickland lands a few good punches from the top. Mcdaniel working hard to get up. Strickland postures up and lands some hard punches. Strickland gets to the back and locks in the rear naked choke. Mcdaniel taps. Fight over.

Result: Strickland wins via submission (rear naked choke) in Round 1 at 4:33


ROUND 1 – Scoggins lands leg kick. Campuzano throws a front body kick. Scoggins rushes in and gets Campuzano down, Scoggins has the back. Campuzano tries to get up, Scoggins gets him down again, against the cage. Campuzano gets to his feet. Scoggins lands a few punches. Fighters clinch briefly, Scoggins lands a knee to the head. Scoggins lands a spinning body kick. Again Scoggins gets Campuzano against the cage, gets him down. Campuzano gets back to his feet, fighters move to the center. Scoggins ducks down for a takedown, doesn’t get it. Scoggins landing good leg kicks, then went to a high kick. Scoggins gets Campuzano down again. Has him pressed against the cage. Scoggins moves to the back. Campuzano gets to his feet. Body kick from Scoggins. All Scoggins that round. Scoggins 10-9.

ROUND 2- Good leg kick from Campuzano. Scoggins continues to switch stances, lands inside leg kick. Scoggins throws a front leg hook kick. Scoggins ducks and gets a takedown, Campuzano locks in a guillotine. Scoggins fights out of it and is on top in half guard. Scoggins gets pushed to full guard, is fighting to improve his position. Scoggins gets to side control, Campuzano rolls and Scoggins gets the back. Campuzano rolls again and ends up bottom again. Again Scoggins gains the back, is trying to get both hooks. Campuzano rolls to his back again. Scoggins is on top in half guard. Campuzano gets to his feet. Campuzano throws a combo, Scoggins backs up and counters with a combo up his own. Scoggins 10-9.

ROUND 3- Scoggins comes out with a few head kicks. Scoggins goes for a takedown and gets it, is in full guard. Scoggins moves right to mount, Campuzano gets him back in full guard. Scoggins postures and lands several brutal punches. Campuzano rolls, Scoggins is on his back. Scoggins is dominating Campuzano on the ground. Campuzano tires to stand up, Scoggins takes him back down. Scoggins is keeping a high pace, has Campuzano pinned against the cage. Scoggins in side control. Campuzano manages to get to his feet, just to be taken down again. Scoggins is in half guard, landing elbows. Scoggins ends the fight on top. Scoggins really put on a show.  Scoggins 10-9.

Result: Scoggins wins via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


ROUND 1 – Trevino misses a leg kick. Forte throws a head kick, misses. Forte rushes in with a hard punch, then shoots and gets Trevino down, gets to the back. Forte has Trevino’s back, with both hooks in. Trevino working hard to get out. Trevino gets out and up to his feet. Forte gets Trevino down again. Trevino gets up. Trevino lands a good body kick. Forte rushes in and lands a punch. Forte 10-9.

ROUND 2- Trevino throws a body kick. Forte shoots out a jab. Trevino lands a leg kick. Lands another body kick, Forte grabs it and pushes him against the cage. Fighters break apart. Both fighters land a few shots. Trevino switches between stances, is starting to land more punches. Forte with a good body kick. Trevino lands a leg kick. Trevino taunting Forte. Trevino looks a lot more relaxed. Forte ducks a punch and gets a takedown, is in full guard. Trevino gets up, gets Forte against the cage and gets the takedown. Forte working to stand up, Trevino grabs his neck.  Trevino 10-9.

ROUND 3- Good right hand by Trevino. Lands a body kick. Forte slips, Trevino lets him up. Trevino gets Forte against the cage and gets him down. Forte gets back to his feet, Trevino breaks away with a spinning elbow. Trevino has Forte against the cage, lands a few knees, then breaks away with another elbow. Trevino landing with ease. Trevino throws a spinning elbow, misses. Trevino lands two good right hands. Trevino lands a leg kick. Forte lands a hard punch, takes Trevino down. Against the cage, Forte gets to the back of Trevino, but gets shaken off. Trevino has Forte up against the cage. Forte clinches, lands a knee and breaks away. Forte lands another hard right. Very even round. Trevino 10-9.

Result: Trevino wins via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)


ROUND 1 – Spencer comes out with the jabs. Garcia throws a one-two and lands. Garcia shoots and gets Spencer against the cage. Garcia is working to get Spencer down. Fighters break apart. Spencer throws a head kick, misses. Garcia throws a huge right, misses and eats a counter. Spencer lands a body kick. Another body kick, gets blocked. Spencer showing good movement. Garcia throws a crazy spinning kick, doesn’t do any damage. Garcia gets Spencer down, but Spencer gets to his feet against the cage. Spencer goes to the body and leg with kicks. Garcia looks for a big uppercut, misses. Garcia is throwing bombs that aren’t landing. Garcia 10-9.

ROUND 2- Spencer lands a leg kick. Garcia throws a good left hook. Garcia throws a big axe kick, misses. Spencer lands a body kick. Garcia looks for a takedown, and gets it. Spencer works to his feet against the cage. Fighters break away, Spencer lands a huge right hand that hurts Garcia. Spencer has Garcia against he cage, throwing punches. Garcia moves away, is wobbly, but lands a huge punch and drops Spencer. Spencer gets up and is stumbling. Both fighters are landing shots. They both seem to be recovered.  Garcia lands a big uppercut, Spencer counters with a jab, Garcia gets another takedown. Garcia is in half guard. Both fighters tired to end the fight and are now tired. Fighters get to their feet. Spencer lands another huge punch that hurts Garcia. Close round, Garcia 10-9 with the takedowns.

ROUND 3- Spencer comes out blazing. Garcia lands a leg kick. Spencer keeping that jab out. Spencer lands another leg kick. Spencer lands a jab then right hand. Another leg kick. Garcia lands a right hand. Spencer may have hurt his leg. Spencer lands a hard right hand. Garcia pushes him against the cage and gets a takedown. Garcia postures up and comes down with a punch. Garcia has Spencer against the cage, Spencer gets to his feet. Spencer throws a head kick, blocked. Again, Garcia gets a takedown. Garcia moves to the back, then gets the mount. Both fighters scramble and get to their feet. Spencer throws a head kick, misses. Spencer lands a body kick. Spencer goes for a spinning elbow, misses. Garcia 10-9.

Result: Garcia wins via split decision  (29-28, 28-29, 30-27) 


ROUND 1 – Bermudez lands a huge right hand. Lands a nice inside leg kick. Hettes clinches up, Bermudez has him pinned against the cage. Bermudez catches a knee and takes Hettes down. Hettes gets to this feet. Bermudez has Hettes against the cage again. Bermudez gets another takedown. Bermudez lands a leg kick, Hettes lands a left hook. Bermudez gets a takedown. Hettes back to this feet. Bermudez again gets a takedown. Hettes continues to get up quickly. Fighters are clinching up. Hettes has Bermudez against the cage, they break apart. Bermudez drops under and gets a takedown, is in full guard. Bermudez is using the can opener move on Hettes. Hettes scrambled and gets up. Hettes looks for a takedown, Bermudez counters and tries for a guillotine.  Round ends, 10-9 Bermudez.

ROUND 2- Bermudez gets Hettes against the cage. Fighters break apart and exchange. Bermudez has Hettes against the cage again. Hettes reverses position, lands a knee in the clinch. Bermudez goes for a takedown, has Hettes clinched against the cage again. Bermudez hurts Hettes, who drops. Bermudez is on top in side control. Bermudez postures up and lands a few shots. Bermudez looks for a throw, Hettes reverses and has Bermudez’s back. Hettes runs out of time. Bermudez 10-9

ROUND 3- Bermudez throws a hard leg kick. Again Bermudez clinches against the cage. Fighters break away. In the clinch Bermudez drops Hettes. Bermudez is on top in full guard. He postures up. Hettes is trying to roll out of danger. Bermudez postures up again and is pounding on Hettes. Bermudez stands up, lets Hettes up. Hettes goes for a takedown. Hettes is being overwhelmed, gets dropped again by Bermudez, the fight is stopped.

Result: Bermudez wins via TKO at 2:57 of Round 3


ROUND 1 – Andrade comes with a flurry, then clinches and pushes against the cage. Pennington has Andrade’s neck. She is looking to get her other arm through in order to lock up the choke. Andrade gets out and keeps Pennington against the cage. Andrade throws Pennington and gets her down. Andrade is in half guard. Now in full guard. She picks Pennington up and slams her down. Pennington gets to her feet, Andrade does the same throw and gets her down again. She is working from half guard. Pennington moves her to full guard. Andrade postures up, then goes back down. Pennington grabs an arm and looks for an armbar. Andrade gets out and moves o half guard. Pennington rolls and Andrade almost gets the back. Both fighters get back to their feet. Andrade keeps Pennington against the cage. Andrade 10-9.

ROUND 2- Pennington lands a good leg kick. Andrade lands a few good punches. Andrade goes in and gets the clinch. Pennington has Andrade in the Thai clinch, Andrade gets out. Pennington lands a good combo. Andrade goes in and gets another takedown. Pennington gets up. Andrade runs forward and throws a jumping body kick. Andrade lands a good right hand. Pennington is landing good knees in the clinch. Pennington is using her reach. Andrade continues to come forward and close the distance. Andrade has Pennington against the cage and is landing huge punches. Pennington moves off the cage. Andrade has her against the cage again, Pennington lands a good knee to the body. Andrade is going forward, throwing bombs. Andrade pushes Pennington against the cage. Pennington locks up a guillotine, standing. Andrade gets free and jumps on Pennington, going for her own choke. Andrade 10-9.

ROUND 3- Andrade coming forward like an animal. Pennington lands a good leg kick. Andrade charges again, swinging punches. Both fighters exchange leg kicks. Andrade has Pennington clinched against the cage. Pennington trying to stick and move. Andrade continues to walk her down. Both fighters are swinging at each other. Andrade has Pennington against the cage again. Andrade content with throwing punches like a crazy person. Pennington gets Andrade against the cage, both fighters break away. Pennington drags Andrade down, gets her back, Andrade gets up to her feet, Pennington picks her up and slams her. Andrade is pinned against the cage. Pennington 10-9

Result: Andrade wins via Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)


ROUND 1 – Story comes forward and puts pressure on Gastelum. Gastelum lands a big right hand. Story is cut. Story throws huge bombs, lands a body punch. Gastelum is landing with the jab. Story with a leg kick. Story with a good left hand. Story swings and lands a combo. Gastelum lands a huge head kick. Story wobbles. Gastelum gets him down, is in full guard. He moves to side control. They scramble, Gastelum gets to the back. Another scramble, both fighters are up. Story really bleeding. Gastelum lands a big combo. Story throws a huge punch, misses. Leg kick from Story. Gastelum 10-9.

ROUND 2–  Story trying to find the jab. Story swinging for the fences. Gastelum again lands a clean jab. Gastelum with a leg kick. Another leg kick. Gastelum threw a huge right hand. Gastelum lands a leg kick, Story tries to counter with a body punch. Gastelum comes in for a body punch, Story swings a counter. Story lands a body punch. Gastelum lands a good combo. Story just misses with a huge punch. Good leg kick by Gastelum. Story returns the favor. Story hurts Gastelum with a right hand, swoops in. Gastelum is down, Story is trying to finish. The round ends. Story 10-9.

ROUND 3- Leg kick from Story. Another kick. Body kick from Story. Story goes in for a double jab. Leg kick from Gastelum. Leg kick from Story, jab from Gastelum. Story shoots in , gets stuffed. Story had Gastelum against the cage. Gastelum reverses position, both fighters break free. Gastelum hurts Story, then takes him down. Gastelum gets to Story’s back. Story shakes him off. Story now is on the back of Gastelum. Story has both hooks in. Story is trying to lock up the choke. Both fighters hand fighting. Gastelum switches and gets to his feet. Both fighters are swinging. Both fighters are landing huge shots. Fight over. Story 10-9.

Result: Gastelum wins via split decision (29-28, 28-29,  30-27)

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