‘UFC 171: Hendricks vs. Lawler’ Main Card Play-By-Play And Live Results

‘UFC 171: Hendricks vs. Lawler’ goes down tonight from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.

In this thread we will be covering the five-fight pay-per-view card. (For Our prelims play-by-play and results click HERE.)

The action kicks off at 3:00 p.m. PT / 6:00 p.m. ET.

Looking for preliminary card results? Click HERE!



ROUND 1 – Preux with a good leg kick. The fight hits the mat. Preux is on top in half guard. Preux is working to improve his position. Krylov is holding onto a guillotine. Preux is working for a choke. Preux is in side control. Preux is going for a choke of his own. Krylov is out, its over.  

Result: St. Preux wins via submission at 1:29 in Round 1.


ROUND 1 – Lombard rushes in, trips Shields. Shields gets up. Shields throws a head kick, gets thrown down. Lombard lets him up. Lombard comes in and tags Shields with a combo. Shields throwing out a jab. Shields throws a body kick, Lombard pushes it away. Lombard had Shields against the cage. Lombard has him in the clinch, Lombard hits Shields with two big shots. Shields moves away form the cage. Lombard trips Shields again, lets him up. Shields is bleeding. Fighters are in the middle of the octagon. Lombard being very patient. Lombard hurts Shields, who falls. Lombard goes down to finish, ends up in full guard. Shields trying to get up. Shields keeping Lombard from posturing up. Lombard 10-9.

ROUND 2- Shields throwing out the jab. Lombard just stalking Shields. they clinch, Lombard gets another trip takedown. Lombard is in half guard. Now he is full guard. Lombard not doing a lot from the top. Shields tries for a guillotine, doesn’t get it. Referee stands them up. Both fighters being extremely patient. Lombard is just siting back, waiting.  Shields shoots in, Lombard sprawls. Lombard stands up, lets Shields up. Shields throws a body kick. Lombard hasn’t done anything in a while. They tie up, Lombard again gets the trip. He is in full guard. Lombard 10-9.

ROUND 3- Shields with a body kick. Time out, low blow, Shields got tagged in the you know. Lombard gets another trip takedown. Again Lombard is in the full guard. Lombard is 6 for 6 on takedowns. He’s still not doing a lot, referee stand them up. Lombard is being way to passive. Shields shoots in, Lombard sprawls, is in butterfly guard. Lombard still not doing anything on top. They are stood up. Lombard shoots in, Lombard is going for a guillotine. It looks tight. Shields runs out of time. Lombard 10-9.

Result: Lombard wins via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27 , 29-28)


ROUND 1 – Sanchez goes for a spinning kick, misses. Jury catches Sanchez with a right hand. Sanchez says bring it. Leg kick from Jury. Jury with a body kick. Sanchez gets Jury against the cage. Sanchez lands some knees to the thighs. Fighters get off the cage. Sanchez with a body kick. Sanchez comes in with a flurry, Jury does a good job avoiding it. Jury lands a good right hand. Jury lands a head kick. Jury goes for a takedown and gets it. Sanchez looks for a leg lock. Jury gets out and gets Sanchez’s back. Sanchez stands up and tries a switch. Close round, Jury 10-9.

ROUND 2- Jury with a jab and a leg kick. Another leg kick. Sanchez with a good body kick. Sanchez lands a few punches. Jury lands a big punch. Sanchez is bleeding. Sanchez tagged Jury. Sanchez is rushing in and Jury is countering. Sanchez with a head kick, misses. Jury is doing a good job avoiding Sanchez’s punches. Sanchez lands a body kick. Sanchez lands a right hand, Jury gets a takedown. Sanchez is attempting an arm in guillotine choke. Jury gives the thumbs up. Sanchez finally lets go. Sanchez gets to his feet. They meet in the center, Sanchez goes for a head kick, almost connects. Jury 10-9.

ROUND 3- Jury throwing out the jab. Jury is keeping the jab in the face of Sanchez. Sanchez rushes in with punches, Jury moves out of the way. Sanchez misses on a superman punch. Body kick from Sanchez. Head kick from Jury, is blocked. Another body kick from Sanchez. Leg kick misses from Sanchez. Jury has Sanchez against the cage. They break away. Jury with a flying knee, misses. Jury goes low and gets a takedown. Jury is in full guard. Sanchez tries for an armbar, Jury pulls out. Sanchez pulls guard and locks up a guillotine in the last seconds. Jury 10-9.

Result: Jury wins via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)


ROUND 1 – Condit misses with a leg kick. Woodley lands a big right hand. Then another. They clinch, Condit backs out. Condit throws a spinning kick, Woodley pushes Condit against the cage. Woodley lands a close elbow. Condit reverses and has Woodley against the cage. Woodley reverses has Condit on the cage. They break away. Condit with a straight front kick. Woodley gets tagged with a right hand. Condit comes in for a combo, Woodley gets the takedown. Woodley in full guard. Condit locks up triangle. Woodley picks him up and throws him off. Both fighters are standing up. Woodley shoots and gets the takedown. Both fighters get to their feet. Condit throws a head kick to end the round. Woodley 10-9

ROUND 2- Condit with a leg kick. Condit throws a head kick, blocked. Woodley shoots and gets the takedown. Woodley is in full guard. Condit is staying busy from the bottom. Referee stands them up. Woodley throws a leg kick, Condit immediately falls to the ground in pain. The fight is stopped. It appears that Condit injured his knee earlier in the fight, his opposite knee gave out when he was kicked.

Result: Woodley wins via TKO at 2:00 of Round 2.


ROUND 1 – Hendricks with a leg kick. He throws another one, Lawler rushes in, throwing punches.  Lawler lands a good left, Henricks gets Lawler against the cage. Henricks breaks away and lands a punch. Hendricks shoots in, sprawl from Lawler. Leg kick from Hendricks. Another leg kick. And another. Hendricks throws a combo, Lawler smiles. Both fighters exchanging punches. Hendricks with a body kick. Good left hand by Hendricks, then he shoots in, gets Lawler against the cage. In the clinch Hendricks is working the short knees to the thighs. Hendricks 10-9

ROUND 2- Lawler still smiling. Lawler lands a good uppercut. Lawler lands a right. Lawler throws out a good jab. Hendricks pushes forward. Throws another kick. Fighters standing in front of each other and exchanging. Hendricks is pumping out the jab. Hendricks lands a nice knee to the body. The a leg kick. Hendricks connects with a combo. Lawler connects with a left hand. Punch combo followed up with a leg kick by Hendricks. Hendricks goes for a takedown, gets stuffed. Hendricks keeps the jab in his face. Lawler is standing in front of Hendricks, trying to counter with a big shot. Hendricks is mixing it up well. Lawler almost lands a head kick. Hendricks is teeing off on Lawler. Hendricks 10-9

ROUND 3- Good leg kick from Lawler, returned by Hendricks. Good knee from Hendricks. Lawler lands another leg kick. Hendricks has landed 21 leg kicks, Lawler only 2. Hendricks fakes a takedown. Comes in with an uppercut. Both fighters trading, Hendricks gets rocked. Lawler trying to finish. Hendricks looks really hurt. Still on his feet. Gets hit again, Lawler goes for a takedown, stuffed. Hendricks lands a leg kick. Lawler still putting the pressure on him. Hendricks lands a knee. Hendricks lands a good punch combo. Hendricks looks recovered. Hendricks is landing good combos, Lawler is smiling at him the whole time. Lawler 10-9

ROUND 4- Both fighters exchanging. Leg kick from Hendricks. Lawler lands a few hard shots. Hendricks backs up against the cage, then moves off. Good jab from Lawler. Hendricks goes for a takedown, it’s stuffed. Good body shot by Lawler. Hendricks right eye is bleeding bad. Lawler really landing that jab. Hendricks eye looks terrible. Hendricks lands a good left, then a left from Lawler. They clinch Lalwer lands a knee. Hendricks lands a good combo. The jab is landing for Lawler. Leg kick from Lawler. Hendricks lands a hard leg kick. Hendricks gets the takedown against the cage. Grabs a hold of Lawler’s neck, the round ends. Lawler 10-9

ROUND 5- Here we go! Both fighters come out with a faster pace. Hendricks gets tagged with a left. Hendricks shoots in, gets him against the cage. Hendricks fighting hard for a takedown. Hendricks landing knees to the thighs. Referee breaks them apart. The jab from Lawler is doing its job. Leg kick from Hendricks. Fighters are in the center, Lawler lands a big right hook. Hendricks lands two good punches. Hendricks lands a big left hand. Uppercut from Hendricks. Hendricks is starting to pick up the pace. Lawler looks hurt. Hendricks gets him against the cage and gets the takedown. Hendricks has him down. Lawler looks annoyed as he looks at the clock. Lawler is unable to get up before the fight ends. 10-9 Hendricks.

Result: Hendricks wins via  Unanimous Decision ( 48-47, 48-47, 48-47) and is the new UFC welterweight champion

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