UFC 169 Results: Overeem Batters Mir en route to Unanimous Decision Win

This fight was as exciting as everybody expected it to be.

Alistair Overeem brought the crowd to life right away as he dominated in round one. Mir made the mistake of clinching and Overeem landed two knees: One to the gut and one to the skull. The knee to the head caused Mir to pedal back and the fight was in danger of being stopped. Overeem picked his shots and did not blow his gas thank, showing he improved since his last couple fights inside the octagon. The rest of the round saw Overeem pick apart Mir with lunging jabs and knees to the body.

The beginning of the second round started with a slow pace until Mir shot for a takedown. While on top, Mir was working for a guillotine which put him on his back. Overeem was able to slip out and gain top-control for the next four minutes. With two rounds under his belt, Overeem went back to the corner with a smile. Mir’s corner was cleaning the blood off of his face and advising him to go for takedowns in the third.

Despite being given advice to go for a takedown, Overeem ended up on top of Mir not even a minute into the round. This time around, though, Overeem invited him back to his feet. Not even twenty seconds later, Mir failed a takedown attempt and Overeem was towering over him once again. This time, Overeem went back to battering Mir on the ground. He mixed it up with elbows to the stomach and punches to the face of Mir. At one point in the fight, Overeem landed 108 more ground strikes than Mir.

The fight went back to standing in the middle of the octagon with one minute left in the third. Overeem landed an amazing lunging right straight that rocked Mir again, but he didn’t back down. By the end of the fight, Mir looked like a zombie from ‘The Walking Dead’.

If this is the last time we see Frank Mir in the octagon, he showed tremendous heart in his last fight.

Alistair Overeem def. Frank Mir by way of Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

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