UFC 168 Results: Browne Brutally Stops Barnett In One Minute

Travis Browne just sent a message to every single heavyweight in the UFC that he’s here to stay.

They met in the middle of the octagon and neither man shied away from throwing heavy shots. Barnett tried to pin Browne against the cage and work the clinch, but Browne was having none of it and brought the action back to the middle of the octagon.

Barnett tried pinning Browne against the fence again and went for a takedown but Browne caught him with a vicious right knee. Barnett was out immediately and he dropped to his knees. It looked as if he was still going for a takedown, but he was out on his knees and frozen in position. Browne let it rain 12-9 ice-breaking elbows and they bounced off the ear and skull of Barnett. Barnett ate unecessary shots, but it wasn’t the fault of Browne. The referee was in no position to call the fight until it was clear Barnett was defenseless.

After the fight, Travis Browne called out Fabricio Werdum.

Travis Browne defeated Josh Barnett by way of KO (Knee and Elbows) 1:00 of Round 1

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