‘UFC 167: GSP vs. Hendricks’ Main Card Play-By-Play and Live Results

The ‘UFC 167: GSP vs. Hendricks’ pay-per-view event goes down tonight from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Tonight’s main pay-per-view card kicks off at 7:00 p.m. PT / 10:00 p.m. ET.

Ali Bagautinov defeated Tim Elliot by way of Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)
Tyron Woodley defeated Josh Koscheck by way of KO (Punches) 4:38 of Round 1
Robbie Lawler defeated Rory MacDonald by way of Split Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Rashad Evans defeated Chael Sonnen by way of TKO (Strikes) 4:05 of Round 1


Round 1 – With a touch of the gloves, we are underway! Elliot’s hands are down and his head is forward. Interesting. Elliot lands a leg kick. Bagautinov lands a right hook. Bagautinov just misses with a right; good movement by Elliot. Elliot lands a leg kick. Bagautinov just misses with a right uppercut. Bagautinov is circling away from Elliot’s right hand and we have a minute of feeling out. They tie up and Bagautinov separates with a right hand. Elliot eats a left jab. Elliot gets hurt with a knee to the head, followed by another shot. Elliot hits a knee to the body of Bagautinov. Elliot hits a jab. Bagautinov catches a knee and takes him down. Elliot springs right back up to his feet and Bagautinov knees his body as they separate. Bagautinov lands a kick to the head of Elliot as the round ends. 10-9 Bagautinov.

Round 2 – Elliot is a lot more bouncy at the start of this round. We’re also seeing more head movement from him. Bagautinov hits a nice leg kick. Elliot lands a knee, but Bagautinov catches him and goes for a takedown. Elliot catches him with a guillotine but Bagautinov literally throws him off and he’s out of danger. Elliot lands a takedown and is now on top in Bagautinov’s guard. Elliot is constantly working and throwing strikes. Bagautinov goes for an armbar on bottom but Elliot steps over him and they’re back to their feet. Elliot is throwing jabs and a couple of them are landing, but not doing much. Elliot hits an inside leg kick. Bagautinov just misses a right hook. Right cross from Bagautinov. The round ends with Elliot lunging for a combination. 10-9 Bagautinov

Round 3 – Bagautinov is really tired, but he’s stilling packing heat in his punches. Elliot ducks under a right hook. Elliot eats a left jab. Bagautinov lands a good body kick. Elliot lands two jabs out of three attempted ones. Elliot lands a left punch. Bagautinov takes a kick to the leg. Another kick to the leg of Bagautinov. Bagautinov lands a big right hand and whiffs on the follow up. Elliot connects with a serious combinations that saw four or five punches land. Elliot tries the same combo a few seconds later but eats a counter punch. Bagautinov’s toes landed on the head kick attempt; Elliot was not phased. Bagautinov lands a right cross and Elliot answers right back with a big slam and a knee! Exciting fight, round is over. 10-9 Elliot

Ali Bagautinov defeated Tim Elliot by way of Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)


Round 1 – Woodley lands a big right hand. Woodley follows up with a big uppercut and Koscheck is hurt. He moves down to avoid getting hit again and shoots for a takedown. Woodley is pressed against the cage now. The referee separates them and resets the action in the middle of the octagon. Woddley connects with a leg kick and a right hand, but Koscheck cracks Woodley with an overhand right of his own that sends Woodley back. Woodley is wobbly, but Koscheck doesn’t follow up. Woodley drops Koscheck with another overhand right. Woodley jumps on Koscheck and Koscheck eats punches, but tries to get away from them so the referee doesn’t stop the fight. Koscheck holds on for dear life and is hoping for the referee to stand them up, now. Woodley cannot advance so the referee stands them up. Koscheck’s eye is swollen. Koscheck is looking to engage but Woodley is backing up. Woodley catches Koscheck off guard and pops him with a HUGE right hook. Koscheck gets hit with another right before he hits the ground. Knockout win for Woodley.

Tyron Woodley defeated Josh Koscheck by way of KO (Punches) 4:38 of Round 1


Round 1 – Two big leg kicks from Lawler. Another leg kick. MacDonald moves away from the leg kick the fourth time. MacDonald lands a kick to the body. MacDonald hits a counter right hand after Lawler misses a power shot. Lawler lands another leg kick. Lawler almost misses a left hand. Lawler lands another leg kick. Rory blocks a high kick. There’s a lull in action as MacDonald is content with countering shots and Lawler is being patient. Round ends. 10-9 Lawler

Round 2 – MacDonald shoots for a takedown but Lawler pops him a couple times which causes MacDonald to abandon ship. They’re back in the middle of the octagon. Lawler is looking to set up a head kick by locking up one of MacDonald’s hands. MacDonald lands a nice kick to the body. Head kick from MacDonald. Leg kick from MacDonald. Lawler answers with a nice right hook, followed up by another unchecked leg kick. Again with the leg kick. MacDonald connects with a straight kick to the head. MacDonald shoots again with two minutes left and succeeds. He waits for a bit before making a move, and has Lawler’s head locked up but he’s not in danger at all. MacDonald steps to the side and is now in Lawler’s guard. Lawler is landing solid shots on the bottom. MacDonald postures up and lands four nice elbows. MacDonald misses a slicing elbow as the round ends. 10-9 MacDonald

Round 3 – Lawler comes out with guns blazing and connects with a shot that may have MacDonald hurt. Lawler attempted to land a knee to the head but this allowed MacDonald to take him down again. MacDonald is looking to connect with some elbows and establish ground and pound. The referee stands them back up, which is exactly what Lawler wants. MacDonald lands an overhand left. MacDonald attempts a takedown and Lawler rolls through; Lawler has top position! Lawler makes him stand back up. Lawler tags him with a hook as he ate a short elbow. Accidental eye poke causes a pause in action. MacDonald is okay and the fight continues. MacDonald gets dropped with a hook! Lawler jumps on top of him and can’t finish it. He has side control. Lawler lands a big left hand as he transitions back to half guard. MacDonald almost locks in an armbar but Lawler slides out. They’re back standing. MacDonald eats a right hand. MacDonald lands a takedown and is throwing elbows. Lawler is blocking some, but a lot of them are getting through. Horn sounds, what a fight! 10-9 Lawler

Robbie Lawler defeated Rory MacDonald by way of Split Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

RASHAD EVANS (18-3-1 MMA, 13-3-1 UFC) VS. CHAEL SONNEN (29-13-1 MMA, 7-6 UFC)

Round 1 – Sonnen shoots within the first ten seconds of the fight. Evans defends but still has his back against the cage, Sonnen can drag him down if he wants. Evans spins it around, and Sonnen return the favor. Evans turns it around again and goes for a takedown but Sonnen defends. Rashad with a big right hand. Sonnen tries to answer back but nothing really connects. Rashad has a double and takes him down. Evans postures up and slams his elbow into the head of Sonnen. Sonnen gives up his back. Evans is landing big shots and Sonnen turns back around. Evans is now in full mount. He lands some more shots and ends up on Sonnen’s back. Sonnen eats some more shots and Herb Dean calls it off.

Rashad Evans defeated Chael Sonnen by way of TKO (Strikes) 4:05 of Round 1


Round 1 – Here we go! The UFC Welterweight Title fight is now underway. They meet in the middle of the octagon and St. Pierre hits a jab. St. Pierre ducks a big shot and shoots for a takedown and lands it. St. Pierre almost has a mounted guillotine, but Johny escapes it. Johny is back to his feet and they are now wrestling, jockeying for position. The referee breaks them up and resets the action. Johny anticipates St. Pierre ducking under his shot so he throws an uppercut which connects. While in the clinch, Johny is landing hard punches and elbows. Johny has St. Pierre pressed against the cage and lands two hard knees to the thigh. St. Pierre is sporting a bruise on his face. Johny takes St. Pierre down. Johny hits another shot and St. Pierre is back to his feet. Johny doesn’t want to let go of the takedown attempt but St. Pierre escapes. St. Pierre is cut. Johny lands a hard knee. St. Pierre hits a kick to the inside of Johny’s lead leg. St. Pierre hits a jab. St. Pierre lands a high kick, but the power faded toward the end of the attempt. They’re back in the clinch and exchange knees to the legs and body. Another head kick from GSP. Horn sounds. 10-9 Hendricks

Round 2 – St. Pierre lands a superman punch. St. Pierre is establishing the jab, looking to keep Hendricks far away. St. Pierre gets wobbled with a hard left! St. Pierre is eating some shots and the referee calls a stop to the action because Johny’s mouthpiece fell out. You would think this gave St. Pierre time to recover, but St. Pierre eats another big punch right away. St. Pierre is pressed against the cage now and Johny is looking to soften him up with knees to the leg. Back in the middle of the octagon, St. Pierre hits a short left hook followed up with a jab. They exchange leg kicks. Superman punch from St. Pierre. Good right hand from St. Pierre. Johny tags him again with a left hook to the temple. Nice jabs from both St. Pierre and Johny. Body kick from St. Pierre and a left hook. Round ends with them grappling for a takedown. 10-9 St. Pierre

Round 3 – GSP seems to have established his jab and it’s connecting regularly now. Johny hits a quick left hook, then a jab. Johny is starting to slow down. Johny is starting to breathe heavily after he whiffs on punches. St. Pierre tags Johny with a left hook. St. Pierre hits a leg kick then a cross. Johny is losing his ability to dodge these strikes. St. Pierre has hit the body-head combination multiple times in a row, now. He knows Hendricks’ fatigue is setting in. Hendricks shoots for a takedown and it’s easily stuffed. After some work, though, St. Pierre gets taken down. St. Pierre gets back to his feet with ten seconds left in the round and we are moving on to championship rounds. 10-9 St. Pierre

Round 4 – A St. Pierre leg kick almost goes low, but Hendricks waves it off and says he’s fine. St. Pierre slips and finds himself on his back, Hendricks is quick to jump on him and looks for some offense. He hits a solid elbow and punches. Hendricks is starting to get some good ground and pound in. Hendricks connects with more shots as he postures up. He lets St. Pierre back up. St. Pierre is bloodied badly. Johny seems to have found his second wind and is throwing powerful shots at high volume again. He connects with an uppercut and a couple hooks. Johny connects with a jab and an uppercut— the good ol’ one-two. St. Pierre lands a shot to the body and looks for a takedown. Hendricks turns him around and pins him against the cage. This is where he landed his takedown earlier this round. St. Pierre sprawls and now has Hendricks pinned against the cage. Hendricks turns St. Pierre around. Horn sounds. 10-9 Hendricks

Round 5 – St. Pierre shoots for a takedown but Hendricks shows amazing defense and has St. Pierre pinned up against the fence. St. Pierre looked for a kimura, but Hendricks tried to counter with one of his own. Back in the middle of the octagon, St. Pierre lands a body kick and takes Hendricks down but Hendricks powers back up to his feet. Hendricks pushes St. Pierre up against the cage and St. Pierre switches positions. The referee resets the action in the middle of the octagon. St. Pierre’s straight right is dodged but he tries to follow it up with a takedown. Hendricks defends. St. Pierre doesn’t give up, though and he finally takes him down. Hendricks pops up right away. Hendricks pins St. Pierre against the cage and St. Pierre is looking for a kimura again. Hendricks defends and we go the distance. 10-9 St. Pierre

Georges St. Pierre defeated Johny Hendricks by way of Split Decision (48-47, 48-47, 48-47)

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