UFC 165 Preliminary Card Play-by-Play And Live Results

Live and free on facebook.com and Fox Sports 1, the UFC 165 preliminary card is stacked with eight fantastic fights.

First up is a four-fight facebook.com free stream, which will be followed up by a another four-fights on Fox sports 1.

The preliminary portion of the card kicks off at 3:15 p.m. PT / 6:15 p.m. ET.

If you cannot make either broadcast join us right here on BJPENN.COM for all the blow-by-blow and round-by-round preliminary card action and results.

– Daniel Omielanczuk defeated Nandor Guelmino by way of KO (Punches) 3:18 of Round 3
– Alex Caceres defeated Roland Delorme by way of split decision (29-28 Delorme, 29-28 Caceres, 29-28 Caceres)
– Michel Prazeres defeated Jesse Ronson by way of split decision. (29-28 Ronson, 29-28 Prazeres, 29-28 Prazeres)
– John Makdessi defeated Renee Forte by way of KO (Punches) 2:01 of Round 1
– Mitch Gagnon defeated Dustin Kimura by way of submission (guillotine) 4:05 of Round 1
– Stephen Thompson defeated Chris Clements by way of KO (Punches) 1:27 of Round 2
– Wilson Reis defeated Ivan Menjivar by way of unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
– Myles Jury defeated Mike Ricci by way of split decision. (29-28 Jury, 29-28 Ricci, 29-28 Jury)


Round 1 – Both guys are coming out swinging. Omielanczuk is throwing hard high and body kicks while Guelmino is utilizing the leg kicks. Omielanczuk’s body kicks are connecting, hard. Omielanczuk fakes low, and goes high with a kick and connects softly. After some back and forth, Omielanczuk seems to be controlling the octagon and is dictating where the fight is going. They’re trading positions, clinching on the fence. The referee breaks it up and we’re back in the middle of the octagon where Guelmino connects with a hook. We’re back rolling around on the fence. After a minute of SLOW action, the referee breaks them up and resets the action. Guelmino hits a nice kick that sends Omielanczuk stumbling back, off balance. Nothing serious. Omielanczuk finally lands a takedown but Guelmino gets up not even two seconds later. We are, once again, back on the fence. I see the round ending here. 10-9 Omielanczuk

Round 2 – They’re a bit sluggish at the start of Round 2. Omielanczuk tags him with a big left hook. Another big left hook! Omielanczuk drags Guelmino down and looks for a submission but he defends well. Guelmino gets back to his feet only to get taken back down with ease. Omielanczuk loses his top position but keeps hold of Guelmino’s arm and looks for a kimura. Guelmino escapes and Omielanczuk is now tired. This could be bad for him. Guelmino is now in Omielanczuk’s half guard. We’ve quite a few scrambles here, but Guelmino consistently ends up on top. Omielanczuk is very green on the ground. Guelmino is connecting with short punches and short elbows here and there. With a minute left, I see this as his round unless Omielanczuk does something drastic. Horn sounds, round done. 10-9 Guelmino.

Round 3 – For the first time, they high five at the start of the round. They’re both pretty tired; it’s been a hard fight and they’re big guys. Even though he’s fatigued, Guelmino throws a nice head kick. Omielanczuk is now WINGING his right hand; it’s easy for Guelmino to see it coming and dodge it. Omielanczuk has Guelmino pressed against the fence and the referee sends them back to the middle of the octagon. Omielanczuk once again has Guelmino pressed against the cage. Guelmino turns the tables and Omielanczuk’s back is against the fence now, but Omielanczuk recovers quickly and turns it around. They’re send to the middle of the octagon again. Omielanczuk eats a body kick and his mouthpiece fell out. Omielanczuk eats a couple more body kicks and then he responds by CRACKING Guelmino with a couple heavy left hooks! It’s done for. Fight over.

Daniel Omielanczuk defeated Nandor Guelmino by way of KO (Punches) 3:18 of Round 3


Round 1 – They touch gloves and we are underway. Caceres hits an early spinning backfist. Impressive. Delorme isn’t intimidated by the flashy move and he keeps pressing forward with various hooks and uppercuts, none are really connecting. Caceres is really showing his experience in this fight and he’s utilizing his distance. He’s connecting with leg kicks and looks to be on the upperhand until he gets knocked down by a left! Delorme hops on Caceres, but Caceres escapes and jumps on Delorme’s back only for Delorme to escape and take Caceres’ back! Fun sequence. Delorme is now in full mount, transitions to Caceres’ and is looking for a rear naked choke. Delorme has his right hook in. Caceres is flattened out, but he postures back up. Caceres is scrambling like a mad man and almost escapes, but Delorme sinks in his left hook. Delorme is postured up on Caceres’ back and is connecting with punches. Delorme loses back control but still has full mount and he’s looking for an arm triangle now. Caceres scrambles and they’re back on their feet! Horn sounds. Awesome first round. Delorme 10-9

Round 2 – Despite all the grappling on the ground, these two are still active and bouncing on their feet. I love these lighter weight classes. They are both fighting long, meaning they’re trying to utilize their distance. This is leading to a lot of missed shots. Caceres hits a nice knee and Delorme counters with a hook. Caceres is doing a good job with stick and moving. Caceres is having a lot of success with simple 1-2 combinations. Delorme shoots for a takedown but Caceres tries to roll through and they’re in another scramble. They’re both back up and Caceres hits a loud knee but Delorme seems fine. Caceres is still connecting with these popping combinations. Delorme connects with a right hand and lunges for a shot to the body after a feigned takedown attempt. Caceres peddles back as Delorme is charging with shots and finally connects with a right straight that doesn’t effect Caceres. 10-9 Caceres.

Round 3 – With a touch of the gloves, we’re in the final around of this fight. Caceres connects with a swift leg kick. Delorme is lunging for a lot of strikes and isn’t connecting with any. Caceres’ shots aren’t very transparent; he’s just popping them out there and bouncing away. Caceres has Delorme against the cage but they separate. Caceres hits another jab. At this point Caceres has landed 71 standing strikes while Delorme has only landed 21. Ouch. Caceres nails a beautiful three punch combination that concludes with a right uppercut. Delorme shoots and Caceres gets taken down, but gets right back up. Delorme shoots again, and Caceres stuffs it. Caceres has Delorme’s back but Delorme gets back up and they break. We’re at the final minute and Caceres connects with a spinning back kick. Caceres slips and Delorme dives on him; he’s on top. 20 seconds left. Caceres is controlling him. Horn. 10-9 Caceres.

Alex Caceres defeated Roland Delorme by way of split decision (29-28 Delorme, 29-28 Caceres, 29-28 Caceres)


Round 1 – The feeds on UFC.TV and Facebook are acting up, so I will recap this round as best as I can. Prazeres is throwing some powerful kicks to open the fight. He shoots for a takedown but Ronson defends well. Prazeres powers him down to one knee and is softening him up with some blows. I lost the feed for what seems like a minute, but Prazeres essentially in the same position which is on Ronson’s back. Prazeres is seriously working for a rear naked choke but Ronson is constantly escaping. I’d expect this fight to make it to Round 2, but Ronson is going to be TIRED. From what I saw, I’d say that was easily Prazeres’s round. 10-9 Prazeres.

Round 2 – Stream is moving a lot smoother now. Ronson comes out bouncing on his feet which is a good sign for his gas tank, but let’s see how long that lasts. He’s taken down right away and Prazeres has his back already. Brutal. Ronson stands up but is never really out of Prazeres’ grasp and he’s taken back down. Ronson makes it back up and is pushing forward with punches. Ronson lands a running leg kick. Within 30 seconds, Ronson is already back on the ground. Ronson eventually makes it back to his feet and lands a nice head kick. Then, a decent body kick. Prazeres seems to be getting tired. Ronson finally defended a takedown! Horn sounds. 10-9 Prazeres.

Round 3 – Ronson opens the round with a nice body kick. Prazeres eats a stepping jab and then a brutal uppercut. Prazeres is roaming a lot with his hands down. Prazeres takes a big deep breath and looks at the clock; he’s a tired boy. Ronson defends a takedown and this seems to be the turning point for him, he needs to take control and try and finish this fight or win this round BIG. Ronson throws a high kick but Prazeres just shrugs it off. Prazeres shoots for one last takedown attempt and lands it. Ronson executes a HUGE slam with ten seconds left and throws bombs! Too little, too late though. Horn sounds, fight’s over. 10-9 Ronson.

Michel Prazeres defeated Jesse Ronson by way of split decision. (29-28 Ronson, 29-28 Prazeres, 29-28 Prazeres)


Round 1 – They’re both low in their stance. They open the round by exchanging leg kicks and feigning strikes. Makdessi throws a spinning back kick to the body of Forte and it hurt him. Forte overshoots a hook and Makdessi counters with a hook of his own. Makdessi sends Forte crashing to the ground after connecting with a right hand! Forte was flat on the ground, and Makdessi follows up with bombs. Late stoppage, but it’s a victory for Makdessi nonetheless.

John Makdessi defeated Renee Forte by way of KO (Punches) 2:01 of Round 1


Round 1 – Both men are playing it safe at the beginning of the fight. Kimura goes for a takedown but Gagnon fights it off. Gagnon connects with a nice left hook. Kimura whiffs on a leg kick and eats a shot to the body. Gagnon is doing a good job at using his jab as a counter shot whenever Kimura overswings his punches. Gagnon lands a series of serious shots but Kimura returns with a very nice left hook to the body himself. Kimura landed a brutal shot to the body. Gagnon is bent over, maybe he’s playing opossum because he shot and landed a takedown. Kimura almost locked in a leg submission, but Gagnon escapes and they’re back on their feet. Active first round. Kimura’s nose is busted and it’s going to impair his breathing. Every shot that Gagnon is throwing has KO power. Kimura shoots for a takedown but Gagnon catches him and has a arm-in guillotine locked in. Kimura is out cold, the fight is over! Gagnon put him to sleep.

Mitch Gagnon defeated Dustin Kimura by way of submission (guillotine) 4:05 of Round 1


Round 1 – We are underway! Thompson immediately goes high with a kick. Clements answers with a spinning kick of his own, but didn’t really connect. Clements hits a body shot. Thompson eats a leg kick and tries to answer with another high kick, but misses. Clements sweeps Thompson down with a spinning wheel kick the legs while Thompson went for another high kick. Fun sequence. Thompson recovers and secures a takedown on Clements, but Clements gets right back up. They’re back in the middle of the octagon. Thompson lands a right hand to the head of Clements. Clements has a cut over his right eyebrow, it looks like. Clements slips after missing a high kick and Thompson jumps on him. Clements makes his way back to his feet. Clements is tired. Thompson nails a leg kick. Clements is busted open but isn’t bleeding much. With 15 seconds left in the round, Thompson secures a takedown. 10-9 Thompson

Round 2 – Clements’ mouth is open. Thompson almost connects with a switch heel kick. Thompson wobbles Clements with a left, then a right and Clements is down on the ground. Thompson dives right into half guard and transitions to north/south but lets Clements back up. Clements is swinging slow, which is allowing Thompson to move out of the way and counter. Clements eats a right and to the ear, wobbles, and falls on his bum. It’s clear he’s out. Fight is over. Thompson wins by knockout. Laser beam accuracy— truly amazing stuff.

Stephen Thompson defeated Chris Clements by way of KO (Punches) 1:27 of Round 2


Round 1 – First significant strike of the fight is a leg kick from Reis. Menjivar quickly answers with one of his own. Both men are keeping a safe distance. Nice inside leg kick from Menjivar. Action is moving slowly, but it’s still interesting. Good body kick from Menjivar, followed up by another inside leg kick. Menjivar has Reis in the clinch and popped Reis good with a knee to the chin. Reis pushes away. Reis lands another leg kick. Reis bum-rushes him with a series of punches, but none of them connect. Menjivar seems to be setting something up with telegraphed front kicks. Reis corner Menjivar and takes him down. With 30 seconds left, I don’t see this going anywhere but Round 2. 10-9 Menjivar.

Round 2 – Both men are bouncing quickly. Expect this to be a busy round. Menjivar is still throwing those front kicks. He is likely keeping his distance with them. Reis is putting power behind his punches, but they’re not connecting. Reis shoots for a takedown and Menjivar has nothing for him; Reis is on top. Menjivar is back up. Menjivar lands with an overhand right on Reis’ forehead. Reis lands his second takedown of the round. Reis is in Menjivar’s guard and opens it up, but he goes right back to Menjivar’s chest. Interesting strategy with over a minute left. The crowd boos and Reis postures up to throw some strikes which allows Menjivar to pop up. He’s going to try and win back the round, but it’s too late. Horn goes off. 10-9 Reis.

Round 3 – We are a minute and a half into the third round and there’s not much action at all. They’re both playing it very cautious. Menjivar almost had a standing guillotine locked in but it went nowhere. Reis takes Menjivar down and goes right into mount. It looks like he’s working for a head-arm triangle but Menjivar defends it. Reis is still on top. Reis stepped up like he was going for a triangle and Menjivar realizes this right away, and hip escapes to half-guard, then eventually guard. Impressive response time from Menjivar. Sadly, that is the only thing that was impressive about this round. This fight will end with Menjivar on his back. 10-9 Reis.

Wilson Reis defeated Ivan Menjivar by way of unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

MYLES JURY (12-0 MMA, 3-0 UFC) VS. MIKE RICCI (8-3 MMA, 1-1 UFC)

Round 1 – We’re underway. Ricci throws a head kick but it’s blocked. They’re both throwing kicks and punches from far away to find their distance. Jury tires to set something up with the right hand but hits air. Jury blocks a high kick. Two minutes into the fight and not one significant strike has landed. Jury lands a right hand that shakes Ricci’s head. Ricci blocks another headkick but that landed hard. Jury shoots for a takedown, picks him up and brings him down. Jury has Ricci’s legs trapped but Ricci scoots over to the cage to start the wall-walk process. Ricci looks cool and composed defending Jury’s transition attempts. Jury is working to put Ricci on his back but is eating some elbows to the top of his head. Ricci makes it back to his feet with ten seconds left. 10-9 Jury.

Round 2 – Ricci is much more aggressive on his feet at the start of the second round. He lands a hard body kick. Ricci looked to use a stepping elbow, but hits nothing. Jury telegraphs a spinning backfist and misses. Ricci connects with a nice jab, and again. Jury lands a body kick of his own. The crowd boos are coming in. Ricci misses with a big left cross. Jury with another body shot. Jury takes a deep breath and his mouth his open; he’s getting tired. A lot of shots are being thrown but barely any of them are connecting. With thirty seconds left, Jury attempts to secure a takedown and fails. End of round two. Ricci controlled where the fight went, other than that it was very even. 10-9 Ricci.

Round 3 – Jury immediately throws a leg kick, which allows Ricci to counter and connect with a stiff cross of his own. Jury shoots for a takedown and is successful. Much like what happened toward the end of the first, Ricci scoots towards the octagon and starts the wall-walk process. They have been on the ground for almost three minutes now with little-to-no activity. Ricci finally spins around and ends up on top of Jury with a minute left to go. Ricci tries to transition to a better position but with not much time left, he has little to work with. Jury is back on the offensive, on top of Ricci. They go the distance. 10-9 Jury.

Myles Jury defeated Mike Ricci by way of split decision. (29-28 Jury, 29-28 Ricci, 29-28 Jury)

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