UFC 159: Jones vs. Sonnen Main Card Play-By-Play and Live Results

UFC 159: Sonnen vs. Jones goes down tonight from a sold out Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.

In the main event Jon Jones will look to defend his title against Chael Sonnen. In the co-main event Michael Bisping and Alan Belcher will get the chance to settle their well documented rivalry in the cage.

If you cannot make the live broadcast, or just want a quick run-down of the night’s action, BJPENN.COM will be providing round-by-round results in this thread.

The main card kicks off at 10:00 p.m. ET / 7:00 p.m. PT.


Round 1 – Round starts as Miller takes the center of the octagon, Healy quickly takes it back. Miller throws a leg kick that knocks down Healy. They dance around a bit and clinch up with Miller backing Healy against the cage but he escapes. A few more punches and Miller clinches it, they break without much damage. Once again they clinch and Miller gets the trip taking Healy down. Healy goes for an armbar, but Miller escapes, Healy switches to an Omoplata as Miller escapes again and goes for a crucifix before switching to back control and attempting a tight Kimura. Healy in trouble as Miller continues with the Kimura, but Healy escapes and they stand up with Healy taking the center of the Octagon again. They exchange punches and Healy closes the distance clinching with Miller on the cage, Healy gets the takedown. Miller takes some shots as Healy takes his back, Healy continues to throw strikes as Miller uses the cage to standup. Healy slams Miller as he stands up, taking Miller down again, Miller reverses position and ends up on top, Miller throwing bombs to the swollen eye of Healy. Healy is rocked as the round ends, Pat is saved by the bell.

Round 2 – Healy takes the center of the Octagon as the round starts, backing Miller up and connecting with a few punches as he clinches with Miller against the cage. Pat trips Miller and secures over under as Miller reverses it and presses Pat against the cage. They separate as Pat connects with an elbow, Pat takes the center again as they trade strikes, Miller clinches and pushes Pat against the cage. Miller connects with an elbow as Pat reverses position and gets the trip. Pat in half guard throwing weak body strikes, Miller moves to full guard as Pat connects with elbows. Pat moves back into half guard and continues connecting with strikes. Miller’s face is fairly cut up, Healy moves into side control and continues to connect with strikes. Miller tries to use the cage to standup as Pat starts to take his back. Pat connects with strikes from the back and goes for a rear naked choke. Pat gives up the rear naked and gets the mount, reversed by Miller as he takes Pat’s back in north/south. Pat picks Miller up and takes him down, Miller goes for a modified guillotine and uses the cage to standup, Miller pressed against the cage, as the round ends we see the busted up face of Miller.

Round 3 – Round starts, Miller clinches as Pat pushes him, Miller connects with an uppercut and Pat wobbles a bit, Healy shoots for a takedown and Miller sprawls as Miller is on top. Pat scrambles and stands up, Pat takes center and both connect with strikes. Pat presses Miller against the cage but Miller reverses it and they break. Miller throws an inside leg kick that knocks down Jim. Pat connects with a hard shot and clinches with Jim against the cage, he gets the trip and ends up in half guard. He connects with punches and attempts a triangle choke from the top, but lets it go. Miller uses a high rubber guard from half guard. Pat passes and is back in Jim’s half guard and connecting with punches again as Miller tries to squirm out. Pat takes Miller’s back from the side and lands strikes. Pat takes Miller’s back and goes for a rear naked choke, it is tight. Miller’s arms go limp as the referee stops the fight.

Winner: Pat Healy def. Jim Miller via submission, 3rd round (rear-naked choke)


Round 1 – The fight starts and they meet in the middle, Vinny kicks high and its blocked, he throws a few leg kicks as Phil unloads with a punch/kick combo that connects to the body. Vinny throws some hard leg kicks as they clinch, Phil puts Vinny against the cage and they break with Phil in the middle, Vinny kicks high but Phil feints. Vinny jabs as Phil throws and overhand, Phil throws a right high kick that rocks Vinny, Phil unloads as Vinny appears to recover. Phil backs him against the cage and Vinny circles away. Phil throwing a lot of combinations, Vinny takes Phil down and takes his back, Phil tries to standup and gets it. Phil lets Vinny up and Phil takes the center, connecting with 1,2 combinations. Davis feints and avoids strikes, Vinny throwing more leg kicks, Davis is backing him up as Vinny starts to slow down. Vinny connects with an uppercut as Phil connects with stiff jabs. Vinny connects with some more leg kicks as Phil misses with a front kick, they trade punches as Vinny claims he is poked in the eye, Dan Miragliotta says he doesn’t see it and they fight on, trading punches. Vinny throws a high kick thats blocked. Phil throwing a lot of 1, 2 combinations as the round ends.
My score: 10-9 Davis

Round 2 – They meet in the middle again, and throw some weak punches, Vinny connects over the top as Phil goes on the offense now and misses with a front kick. Phil still throwing more strikes, he shoots for a takedown and ends up getting a clinch from the back, he takes Vinny down and stands up, considering taking top position, Dan Miragliotta stands them up as Davis connects again. Vinny slowing down again as blood starts dripping from his nose. He connects with a leg kick as Phil continues to throw strikes in volume. Vinny throws a 1, 2 high kick combo but it doesn’t land. Vinny connects with two more leg kicks, and misses a third. Davis backs Vinny up and throws a hard jab that connects. Davis stalking Vinny as Vinny circles, Davis throwing high and low punches. Davis still on the offense as Vinny eats a few shots, Phil fakes a takedown and catches Vinny’s leg as he gets a takedown. Ref stands them up and Phil continues his onslaught. Vinny gets two leg kicks and eats a jab, Phil faking a thigh punch and throwing to the head. Vinny backed up against the cage as Phil throws another stiff jab that connects, Vinny shoots for a takedown but Phil escapes and lands a jab again. Vinny backed up against the cage but he moves forward as the round ends.
My score: 10-8 Davis

Round 3 – Phil takes center as he and Vinny trade, Vinny throws a high kick and they trade, circling eachother. Phil takes center but gets backed up as Vinny moves forward. Phil circling as he takes center again, Vinny connects with a left, but covers up as Phil starts throwing 1, 2 combinations again. Vinny backing up as Phil throws an elbow that misses. Vinny lands with a jab as Phil moves his hand distracting him. Phil gets a takedown and stands up as Vinny motions for him to get into his guard, Phil doesn’t take it and they standup as Vinny backs against the cage as Phil throws bombs. Vinny circles as he eats more punches and lands a leg kick. Phil lands another right hook as Vinny kicks high but it’s checked. Vinny throwing leg kicks as Phil backs him up and connects with a solid right hook. Vinny circles out and Phil backs him up yet again, Phil’s reach advantage is evident. Vinny lands a leg kick and eats a few punches as he tries to clinch but Davis escapes. Vinny shoots for a takedown but is stopped as they’re stood up. Vinny starts to throw bombs but is backed up. He connects with a kick to the body and misses a front kick. Phil backs him up and Vinny throws another front kick as Phil throws a superman punch. Vinny kicks to the head but it’s checked. Round ends, and the fight goes the distance.
My score: 10-8 Davis

Winner: Phil Davis by unanimous decision: 30-27, 30-27, 29-28.


Round 1 – Big Country takes the center as both men jab finding their range. Kongo throws a leg kick but Roy catches it and presses Kongo against the cage. Kongo throwing some knees, and Roy answers with one of his own as the ref tells the men to work. Kongo pushes Roy back off the cage but Roy pushes him right back. Kongo tries to reverse it and Roy pushes him back, the ref breaks them apart as Joe Rogan shows his dissatisfaction. Roy backs Kongo up against the cage and rocks Kongo with an overhand right, the lights go out and the ref stops the fight.

Winner: Roy Nelson def. Cheick Kongo via KO: 1st round (Overhand right).


Round 1 – Bisping takes the center as Belcher throws a head kick, it misses. They work on finding their range, Belcher throws a few strikes that miss, Bisping connects with a leg kick and Belcher connects with a kick to the thigh. Bisping eats a kick and catches Belcher’s kick. Herb asks Bisping if he took a groin shot, Bisping says he’s fine and they continue. Bisping backs Belcher up and ducks under a right hook as he trades with Belcher and eats a body shot. Bisping throws a jab and an inside leg kick, both connect as Bisping feints a strike and throws a body kick. Belcher throws a high kick that misses and Bisping steps in with a strike and backs Belcher up, Belcher throwing thigh kicks, none of them connect. He connects with one as he tries to circle away from the cage. Bisping connects with a left hand and then with a combination. He feints and connects with a punch to the temple. Belcher misses with a right hand as he checks a leg kick. Bisping checks a kick and moves forward almost eating an uppercut. Belcher throws a front kick that doesn’t land and he eats a few punches from Bisping. Belcher’s corner calls for him to pressure as he moves forward and throws strikes. Bisping gets poked in the eye but is okay. Belcher feints and dodges a high kick. Bisping knocks down Belcher but he gets up and blocks a few high kicks. Bisping blocks a body kick and connects with a jab. Belcher goes for a takedown, it’s stuffed and Bisping connects with a hard right hand as the round ends.
My score: 10-9 Bisping

Round 2 – Belcher starts pressuring Bisping as he eats a jab, Bisping throws combinations and finishes with a leg kick. Bisping connects with a jab and the two meet in the middle, circling. Bisping connects with a leg kick and takes the middle of the cage, backing Belcher up. Bisping throws a high kick and lands a stiff punch. Belcher tconnects with a punch and covers up to avoid strikes. Bisping lands a few combos, and stays extremely active. Belcher eats a leg kick and misses with one of his own, Bisping misses a high kick and connects on the break. Belcher half trips and backs up as he eats a solid punch from Bisping. Belcher circles away and takes the middle, Bisping throws a combo and connects with a high kick. Belcher eats a jab while stepping in, and backs up again. Bisping feinting and avoiding strikes, he lands a leg kick. Belcher presses forward and they trade with Belcher landing a punch, but Bisping avoids a few others as he connects with two solid combinations, they trade and Bisping connects again. Belcher has had his hands down for the majority of the fight. Bisping goes up top with a kick and stuff Belcher’s takedown. Belcher throws a good left right combination and then another right hand. Bisping throws a good combination and they stand in the middle of the Octagon and trade as the round ends.
My score: 10-9 Bisping

Round 2 – Bisping connects to start and lands a jab and a leg kick, Belcher swinging but Bisping has great head movement. Bisping connects with a punch and the two smile and trash talk. Belcher backing up and eats a few punches. Bisping connects with a long combination of strikes as Belcher covers up. Belcher eats a left hand as his corner calls for him to open up. Belcher feints away from a jab but eats two more. Bisping goes up top with a kick but it’s checked. Bisping still energetic as he presses forward with a leg kick. Belcher has his hands down as he throws a body kick. Another body kick as Bisping throws a right hand over the top, Belcher backs up and eats another. He feints away from a right hook as Bisping misses with a high kick. He connects with a hard right hand, Belcher waves him in but eats another shot. Belcher covers up and almost goes down, Bisping turns up the pace and connects with another right hand. Belcher looks exhausted and goes for a halfhearted takedown as Bisping stuffs it and presses him against the cage. They separate with a minute to go as Belcher connects with a right hand again. Belcher eats a bad eye poke and the Dr. steps in to take a look. They call the bout and they show a replay of the eye poke, it’s a bad one.
Winner: Michael Bisping via technical decision


Round 1 – Jones starts in his traditional 3-point stance, Sonnen comes out quick, takes the center of the octagon and gets taken down by Jones. Chael stands up and lands bombs from the clinch. Chael backs Jones up and Jones clinches, Sonnen with his back against the cage, they trade punches and Jones takes Sonnen down. Jones throws an elbow and connects, Sonnen stands up and Jones has him in a back clinch. Sonnen with his back against the cage again, landing punches from the clinch. Sonnen goes for a guillotine but lets it go, Jones goes for a takedown but it’s studffed as Sonnen gets another guillotine, Jones lands uppercuts and goes for a spinning elbow that lands. Jones picks Sonnen up and takes him down, Sonnen eats an elbow from the guard and then another. Jones throws a body shot and connects, Sonnen working his way back to the cage to standup as Jones throws more punches. Jones trying to pass Chael’s guard and he lands elbows as Chael goes for an armbar, Chael eats an elbow and Jones starts throwing strikes, the ref steps in and stops the fight. Chael immediately protests the stoppage, but to no avail. Joe Rogan interviews Jon Jones and we see Jones has a horribly broken foot.
Winner: Jon Jones via TKO (strikes) 1st round.

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