TUF 20’s Tecia Torres Refutes Steroid Allegations

The only thing likely to trump the drama inside the TUF 20 house, is the drama outside of the TUF 20 house.

Top female 115 pounder, Tecia Torres sent out the following, in retaliation to some of her housemates claims of steroids.

Check it:

“I’m going to do this once and leave it alone! I have NEVER and I repeat NEVER put any illegal substance in my body in any way shape or form. I have never even had a sip of alcohol in my life, let alone a cigarette, or any drug! I am true to my word about being straight-edged 100 %. I can’t help it that I am genetically gifted & my 20 years of hard work, martial arts, and dedication shows! SideNote: And to you Carla @carlaesparza1 who consistently has something to say about my body. I lived with you for 6 weeks and nothing about my body changed! So keep your comments to yourself. The End.”

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