UFC Headliner Happy That Reebok Deal Eliminates ‘Scumbag Sponsors’

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MIchael Bisping

“I was happy when Dana [White] called me and told me about the Reebok deal, I’m like, great, I’m sick of dealing with all these scumbag sponsors.”

“No disrespect to the females who are just off the show or whatever, who have one fight in the UFC, and they’re ranked No. 3, over a guy who has been ranked in the UFC for awhile. Let’s say a guy like [Quinton] ‘Rampage,’ [Jackson] who was on [UFC 186], he’s got a huge name, but you’ve got a 115 woman that’s just come up, and she’s going to get more from Reebok than a guy like ‘Rampage’?”

Michael Bisping is just one of the many UFC fighters who are elated about the changes made to the UFC/Reebok sponsorship payout system. The payout was originally based on the media rankings, but UFC officials recently changed the format so it pays out based on tenure.

‘Ultimate Fighter’ veteran Michael Bisping is happy about the switch for a number of reasons. In an interview with MMAFighting, he states that he is hoping this new format will prevent sponsors who cannot truly afford to sponsor a fighter from doing business.

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