Tim Kennedy would rather fight for Scott Coker than in the UFC

Tim Kennedy

Outspoken UFC middleweight Tim Kennedy was a guest on Submission Radio talking about a variety of topics including potential matchups for him in the division to the thought of fighting in Bellator under Scott Coker.

Kennedy’s last fight was over a year ago, and it seems like the opinionated fighter has been on the sidelines due to his blunt opinions on his Reebok deal contracted through the UFC.

“Like, you can’t call bulls— on me, because everything I say is true, and then you’re just going to have pie in your face. So I’m kind of like a tough one. Like yeah, maybe he [Dana White] can call me and say ‘hey, we don’t appreciate those comments, could you tone it down a little bit?’ But you also know that I’m always going to speak my mind. Like, how are you gonna tell a guy that’s always gonna say what he thinks to be true, to shut up? ‘Cause that’s just not how he rolls. I don’t know. It’s a tough thing when you know you’ve got me on your roster.”

Regarding the nonexistent Tim Kennedy Reebok Fight Kits from Reebok’s online store, Kennedy explained his views.

“Ohhh,” he began. “I think they pulled it right as I started talking, and I was like, it’s super ugly and overpriced, and that I only get like 70 cents per every kit that’s sold, or something horrific.”

Kennedy added, “Well, I’m not sure if I’ve ever sold a single one of my fighter kits, but I’ve definitely never gotten a check from them. And we are still looking at the merchandise agreement, trying to just figure out what we would actually get, if we got anything from the sale of a Tim Kennedy fighter kit. So there’s actually a very good chance, let’s say if a million people bought a Tim Kennedy fighter kit t-shirt, I might not get any money at all. If you can you imagine that.”

With the UFC and Reebok working together so closely it puts Kennedy i a tough position and says he would be much happier fighting in Bellator for Scott Coker. However, with contractual obligations with the UFC, it looks like Kennedy may be stuck in the mud for now.

“Scott’s awesome,” he said. I love fighting for Scott. Scott was fun, Scott made exciting fights, Scott made entertaining fights. It wasn’t quite Pride, but it was the best that you could do, without having a bunch of guys hopped up on every single steroid they put their hands on, you know, which is what Strikeforce was. It was an opportunity for people that like to entertain, to really put on and display their skillset. If I wasn’t contractually obligated to the UFC, would I go fight for Scott Coker? I think I definitely would. I love the guy, I love fighting for him, and I kind of miss those days.”

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