Tim Kennedy Content Sitting Out, Unless “Something Special” Comes Up

Tim Kennedy


Tim Kennedy hasn’t fought since September, when he lost via TKO to Yoel Romero.

The finish came after a series of questionable actions on the part of cornermen, UFC officials, referee John McCarthy, and both fighters.

At the end of the 2nd round Kennedy grabbed Romero’s glove, and ultimately rocked Romero at the bell.

As the horn sounded to signal the end of the 60 second intermission between rounds, Big John McCarthy instructed the cutman to wipe excess vaseline off Romero’s face, however the cutman had already left the Octagon, leaving Romero sitting on the stool for an extra 20 seconds.

When the 3rd round finally started, Romero went out, and TKO’d Tim Kennedy.

He spoke to MMAFighting to discuss what it will take for him to return from his hiatus.

“Has to be something special. Fedor [Emelianenko] comes out of retirement and I fight him at a catchweight of 100 kilos. I’d be down for that.”

“I have a conflict. My love for the sport isn’t going away. I’m just disappointed in the sport. I don’t know how to explain these mixed emotions where I’m like: every dude in my weight class is testing positive, everybody is cheating, judging still sucks, reffing still sucks.”

“I’m just disappointed in the sport in a lot of different ways. Not only the rampant drug use. Guys cheating. Judging. I’ve been a professional in the sport for 13 years. I’ve been a martial artist for 25, 28 years. And nothing has changed.”