Things Get Real-Nasty On Twitter Between WSOF, Burkman & Magalhaes

Yesterday we learned that WSOF welterweight fighter, Josh Burkman, was unhappy with his employer, and as a result, is requesting a release from his fighting contract.

That was only the beginning.


Retweeted by Joshua Burkman:
marshall dye ‏@snackgod
I wounder how @JoshBurkman is the only @MMAWorldSeries that didn’t get a win bonus. to me it kinda doesn’t seem fair

Joshua Burkman ‏@JoshBurkman  
•WSOF foreshadowing… Contracts should be honored at all times. Not just when fighters are winning! #JusticePrevails 

•I can’t work on going anywhere else unless #WSOF releases me. If so, we will start fresh somewhere else…

Ali Abdelaziz @AliAbdelaziz00
@MMAWorldSeries gave Josh Burkman 5 fights in 16 months, made more $ than any other fighter we have, bent over backwards for him.

Magalhaes then came to Burkman’s defense, slighting Abdel-Aziz in the process

Joshua Burkman ‏@JoshBurkman
@VinnyMMA couldn’t have said it better myself.

Ali Abdelaziz @AliAbdelaziz00
•I don’t know why all this bashing all of a sudden about me and WSOF? It’s all good though.
•@VinnyMMA  You wanted 3x more than what ufc was paying you. I believe you’re making 3/3 now. #truth

Magalhaes then tweeted from the page of his contract showing his UFC, which was 22/22.

Vinny Magalhaes ‏@VinnyMMA 

Magalhaes then angrily texted Abdel-Aziz, a screen shot of which was posted but the matchmaker.

Ali Abdelaziz @AliAbdelaziz00
@VinnyMMA Just called you but you didn’t pick up. Who’s the pussy now???@VinnyMMA you just text me first and I called you back as a man. Lol. Stop talking about me, it’s not a good look

Then the boss, WSoF president Ray Sefo stepped in firmly.

Ray Sefo @SugarRaySefo
•@JoshBurkman we spoke briefly 2 minutes before my flight took off you express that you couldn’t work with one individual not @MMAWorldSeries
?•@JoshBurkman @MMAWorldSeries has been good to you and you know this my friend, one individual’s action doesn’t speak for WSOF…

And things settled down, mostly…

Joshua Burkman @JoshBurkman
•I have nothing but love for you @SugarRaySefo you said if a fighter was unhappy you would release them. Guess it’s not that simple my friend
•WSOF was mostly good 2 me n good 4 my career. I hope U continue 2 support them n there fighters. Many good people involved @MMAWorldSeries

Ali Abdelaziz @AliAbdelaziz00
Just got a call from @VinnyMMA and it’s all good #squashed

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