The World Series of Fighting 5: Gracie’s Start Strong, Fade, Finish Night with Losing Record

Three members of the most famous family in MMA, the Gracies, fought on tonight’s World Series of Fighting 5 card tonight. They looked to bring their family to 3-0 on the night. Did the Gracie’s sweep their opponents and extend the legacy of their name?

The answer to that question was no. Two out of the three Gracie’s lost their respective fights following a lack of success on the feet. Although Gregor was not put away, his apprehension cost him a fight as he barely pushed the pace and looked gassed in the second and third rounds.

As for Rolles Jr., a lack of stand up experience spelled his demise in that second round. Mehmen was able to find range that once eluded him by an unchanging strategy by Gracie Jr. to counter while reluctantly throwing more than one noncommittal punch.

Neiman was truly the highlight of the night as he reminded us what a high level grappler can do to someone who stands beneath their plane of talent. After that, the Gracie’s manufactured a night that will try to be erased from memory, but is seared at the forefront of the family’s mind.


Middleweight – Neiman Gracie (0-0) vs. Darren Costa (0-1):

Early trouble damaged Neiman who fought through the adversity on the mat. Costa wanted a standing war but was rocked by Neiman by a wild counter. The two maintained a clinch with Gracie eventually dragging Costa to the mat. When the fight hit the mat, it was all Neiman who sunk in a beautiful armbar on Costa and finished the fight with ease.

Official Result: Neiman Gracie defeats Darren Costa via Submission (armbar) at 3:57 of Round 1.


Welterweight — Gregor Gracie (7-3) vs. Rich Patishnock (5-1):

Gracie was aggressive  against Patishnock, rushing in with strikes and landing the fight’s first takedown. Gracie imposed superior grappling to dictate the pace as well as set up takedowns. Gracie was unable to claim another takedown in the first half of the round and was caught with a hard low blow that sent Gracie to the mat in visible agony.

Upon the restart, Gracie grabbed Patishnock’s back and held in hooks for a moment but escaped, only to accidentally knee Patishnock in the groin. The two circled and pecked at one another for a while as they both found their range and timing. Gregor was dropped towards the end of the round and survived an onslaught by Patishnock to narrowly escape the first round.

Patishnock controlled the stand-up in to the second round as well, landing combos and leg kicks to earn valuable points. Gregor had a surge of late halfway through the second, and pushed his own agenda on Patishnock. Gracie was able t score another takedown and held Patishnock there momentarily until the fight found its way to a standing clinch.

Gracie’s offense shut down in this round as he circled away while contributing little to no offense  besides occasionally walking forward when Patishnock would take a breath. The fight concluded with Gregor Gracie being chanted on by a partisan Brazilian crowd while he still showed little of anything late in a fight that Patishnock remained the aggressor in.

Gracie lost the bout via decision, leaving the sake of a winning record for the family up to Rolles Gracie Jr., who fights on the main card.

Official Result: Rich Patishnock defeats Gregor Gracie via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


Rolles Gracie Jr. (8-1) vs. Derrick Mehman (15-5):

A fight in which Gracie Jr. dominated in round 1 was anything but one-sided. Gracie Jr. used size and speed to out move Mehmen who swung and missed the vast majority of his round 1 strikes. Gracie Jr. stayed defensive in round 1 and finished it strong as he hadn’t been hit with anything significant.

Round 2 was anything but Gracie’s as he was rocked several times, actively attempting to regain traction on the canvas. He was never able to and eventually he was blasted with an overhand shot that buckled his knees.


Official Result: Derrick Mehmen defeats Rolles Gracie Jr. via knockout at 2:40 or Round 2


The Gracie’s went 1-2 overall after the fantastic Neiman Gracie submission to start the preliminary card with. The widely partisan crowd cheered all three family members on and never lost faith even after consecutive losses in a show of true faith to the famous family.


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