The Ultimate Fighter: ATT Vs. Blackzilians Ep. 6 Recap


The sixth episode of TUF: ATT vs. Blackzilians starts with a massive celebration from ATT. Everyone is going nuts, chanting and celebrating. Now the home gym advantage will go to ATT and Blackzilians streak comes to an end.

Naka from Blackzilians is disappointed with his performance. After discussing it with Rashad Evans and Tyrone Spong the team picks its next fighter. Jason Jackson gets the nod because they think he’s the most hungry to fight. Spong tells the team to suck it up, even if they’re tired, because they might have to fight more than once. Jackson talks about his struggles. Then we get to see him training in the cage.

ATT meet and talk about their options. They decide to pick ‘Grilo’ Alfaya. Grilo says he knew it was going to be him or Nathan Coy, and is ready for “his time”.

The guys of ATT sit at the mansion and talk about fighting at their own gym. They have yet to have home gym advantage so they’re planning on making the most of it.

At the weigh-ins the fighters are announced. Both fighters make weight and stare each other down.

Blackzilians talk strategy with Jackson. Then we see ATT watching film on Jackson and breaking down his weaknesses. Hassan, who fought him before, gives his advice, telling Grilo to throw the right hand.

ATT trains and prepares Grilo for his fight.

Jackson seems confident in his own skills going into the fight. The show cuts to Grilo making some incredibly strange sounds. The team explains that he has some very unorthodox methods. Grilo says “I no promise victory, I promise war and the end. That’s it.”

Even as he is getting his gloves on, Grilo continues to yell out phrases. Just a unique character. Jackson’s team thinks it’s going to be a violent fight.

ATT brought a huge drum and both sides are chanting and making noise as the fighters get ready to walk out.


The fight starts. Jackson lands a good leg kick and avoids a counter from Grilo. Jackson throws a one-two that is blocked. Jackson lands another great leg kick. The fight is stopped because Grilo spit his mouth piece out. They give it back to him and the referee warns him.

Grilo starts to land good straight jabs. Jackson is the more mobile fighter, moving from side to side. Grilo shoots in and goes for a takedown. Jackson reverses and almost gets his own before Grilo gets back up. They clinch on the cage, then release. Jackson lands a series of good punches. Grilo swings a huge punch but misses. Both men come in close and swing. Grilo goes for another takedown, gets Jackson on the cage. Jackson again reverses and gets free, but Grilo pushes him to the cage again. The round ends in that position.

The second round starts and Jackson lands a nice punch and a loud leg kick shortly after. Jackson continues to land a good jab. It looks like Grilo may have slowed down. Grilo comes in with two big punches but doesn’t land. Jackson is sticking and moving. Grilo is stalking him but not doing anything as far as offense. Grilo just continued to walk him down until he moved in for a takedown on the cage. Jackson showed good defense again and escaped. Jackson landed a nice body kick then moved away from Grilo’s punches. Pretty solid round for Jackson.

The fight only goes two rounds, with Jackson winning the decision.

Blackzilians- 150 points – regain home gym advantage

ATT- 50 points

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