The Ultimate Fighter ATT Vs. Blackzilians Ep. 4 Recap


The fourth episode of The Ultimate Fighter just went down and some big events took place.

The show opened up with ATT feeling the effects of their third straight loss. ‘Creepy’ Steve Montgomery spoke up and said that where he’s from, South Carolina, people don’t give up, just like they didn’t when the British invaded during colonial times. Yeah, it was kind of an odd speech, but it was inspiring enough for ATT to choose him to fight next.

The show then cut to the fighter mansion, with the Blackzilians celebrating another win and trying to decide who to put in next. They think that ATT is going to pick Nate Coy, so they decide to pick Carrington Banks.

The show then takes a scary turn when fighters start yelling for help in the mansion. The camera cuts to one of the rooms, where ‘Creepy’ Steve is having a seizure. His teammates are trying to hold him, while yelling for someone to call 911. At one point they believe he’s biting his tongue off, so they try to open his mouth up. Eventually he comes to and the ambulance comes and takes him to the hospital. The whole house, especially his team is pretty shaken from the incident.

ATT is forced to pick a different fighter for the fourth fight. They decide to go with Sabah Homasi. ATT thinks he matches up with Carrington, who they suspect will be chosen by the Blackzilians.

At the weigh-ins both fighters make weight. Then we see ‘creepy’ back at the mansion packing his things. Appearntl while trying to prepare to cut weight he drank too much water without any electrolytes and flushed all the sodium out of his body, causing the seizure. For health reasons he was unable to stay on the show and had to leave. UFC president Dana White said if he can stay healthy then he will have a spot in the UFC for sure.

The fight happens.

Early in the first round Carrington lands a huge right hand. He spends the rest of the round looking for a takedown with Homasi’s back on the cage. At one point Carringotn got him down, but Homasi worked hard to get up to his feet.

The second round saw both fighters staying on their feet for the majority of it. Homasi looked to land big punches and kicks, while Carrington tried to use his jab to eventually set up a takedown. Both rounds were extremely close. The judges decided to send it to a third round.

In the sudden death round, Homasi did a good job on his feet, landing hard kicks to the body and almost catching him with a big head kick. Carrington utilized the jab some more and at one point got Homasi to the ground, but only for a few seconds. Homasi was able to get to his feet and free himself.

Both fighters swung for the fences for the remainder of the round. At the end it really was uncertain who pulled out the victory, but both teams went nuts, believing that their fighter had done enough.

RESULT: Blackzilians’ Carrington Banks wins (maintains home gym advantage)

Blackzilians- 4 = 100 points

ATT- 0 = 0 points

By: Ryan C. Miller | @ryancmiller1630

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