The Ultimate Fighter: ATT Vs. Blackzilians Ep. 12 Recap



It’s the final episode of the season and what a way to end things. After the Blackzilians started strong and have won more fights overall because of the way the season is set up with different fights being worth different amounts of points, it’s all tied up and the entire season comes down to this final fight.

At the start of the final episode Blackzilians owner Glenn Robinson tries to get his team pumped up by sort of yelling at them, but sort of not. It’s Glenn, you know by now what that means.

Blackzilians pick Vicente Luque for the final fight of the season and American Top Team goes with their hard hitter Hayder Hassan, who has already fought twice in the competition and won both.

The two fighters step on the scale and both make weight.

The fight starts and Hassan comes out throwing big bombs like he always does. He connects with a few. Vicente lands a few nice leg kicks. Hassan really starts swinging for the fences, while Vicente looks to be more technical, catching him with kicks and counter punches. Hassan threw everything in to every punch and managed to land with a few of them, but Vicente looked unaffected. Eventually with less than two minutes left in the first, Vicente shot in and got a takedown. Hassan got up quickly, with his back on the cage, but got taken off his feet again.

Hassan managed to get to his feet again, then broke away from the clinch. Hassan landed some really big punches in the later part of the round. It was a really exciting first round.

In the second round Hassan comes out with a jab, landing it several times. Vicente answers back with his own strikes. Hassan looks like he might be getting tired. Vicente almost lands with a head kick. Vicente’s offensive output was a lot less than the first round. He did manage to land more powerful leg kicks. Right at the end of the round Vicente moved in and got the clinch on the cage, but was unable to get it down before the round ended.

The fight went to a third and final round. Hassan came out blazing, with massive punches, but Vicente got him down with a takedown, only for Hassan to jump to his feet. Vicente stayed on him in the clinch, but Hassan broke free a moment later. Vicente landed a massive head kick, but Hassan just kept coming forward. Hassan’s face looked pretty busted up and Vicente started connecting more. Hassan threw big bombs but most were blocked or avoided. Vicente moved in and got Hassan down to the mat. Again, Hassan was able to escape and get to his feet. Vicente jumped in and landed a nice one two combo. With 20 seconds left Hassan landed a nice punch. With about 1o seconds left Vicente moved in for a takedown and clinched Hassan to the cage. He was unable to complete the takedown before the fight ended. By far the most exciting fight of the season.

RESULT: Hayder Hassan wins via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

ATT wins the whole season! Dana White says he has to talk to the coaches and see who they want to send to the finale. The Ultimate Fighter trophy is still up for grabs and the finale fight winner will get $300K.

ATT wins $200K, donates it to the Wounded Warriors Project. White is blown away by the decision. Both teams announce their fighters for the finale. Greg Robinson goes against his teams thoughts and picks Kamaru Usman and ATT goes with Hayder Hassan.

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