The Ultimate Fighter: ATT Vs. Blackzilians Ep. 11 Recap


Things have finally started to get interesting. Despite only possessing two victories throughout the season, American Top Team has the opportunity to win, granted they win the next two fights. Last week, Nathan Coy put ATT back on the board when he pulled off a unanimous decision win against Valdir Arauju.

While it seemed as if Glenn Robinson was not disappointed with Arauju’s performance, he was irate at the fact that it looked like his locker room was coasting. He yelled at his fighters and informed them to celebrate when they win the competition.

Robinson pulled Jason Jackson aside and informed him he would be fighting in tonight’s bout. Jackson has already pulled off one win this season and he will be looking to end ATT’s season in their own gym with another “W” tonight.

Even though he lost his only fight of the season, Michael Graves was the chosen one to fight for American Top Team tonight. Graves lost the first fight of the season to Kamaru Usman and is looking to redeem himself with a victory.

Dan Lambert and ATT took home an extra $50,000 in this season’s coach challenge after Lambert defeated Robinson in the last leg of a relay race. It almost looked as if Blackzilians were going to pull off the win when Jackson gave his team a commanding lead, but naturally, Robinson was outran by Lambert.

Sabah Homasi and Kamaru Usman got into a confrontation in the kitchen of the TUF house after the relay race. Usman did not like the fact that Homasi was saying he grabbed the fence in his fight to prevent his opponent from transitioning, and Usman told Homasi to keep his name out of his mouth. The incident was nothing major; just typical reality show drama.

Jason Jackson and Michael Graves’ fight was made official once both fighters made weight.

ATT witnessed a scary moment when Graves suffered an injury while training for his fight. Graves shot for a takedown on Steve Carl and felt something pop underneath his shoulder blade. Despite not being able to look down or move his head much, he vowed to still step into the octagon for his team.

Round 1: Both Graves and Jackson quickly make their way to the center of the octagon. They exchange jabs for a bit to find a comfortable striking distance. Jackson accidentally kicks Graves in the junk, but the referee does not see it and Jackson smells blood. Graves is pinned against the fence and is taking punishment to the body and it looks like the fight can get called any second. Graves is covering up his head, but is taking SEVERAL knees to the body— too many. Graves gets punched in the back of the head by accident and the referee grabs Jackson’s hand to warn him. This starts a scramble that puts Jackson on his back despite him grabbing the fence to try and stop it. Graves takes Jackson’s back and Jackson is trapped in a rear naked choke attempt. With nowhere to go and the lights fading, Jackson has no choice but to submit.

Michael Graves def. Jason Jackson by way of Submission (RNC) 3:01 of Round 1

American Top Team: 300 POINTS (HOME GYM ADVANTAGE)
Blackzilians: 300 POINTS

After the fight, Graves cannot even stand up. Glenn Robinson and company are severely pissed. Robinson claims that the fight should have been stopped and he confronts the referee and officials outside of the gym. His rant could be compared to a temper tantrum, but Graves was taking a ridiculous amount of punishment. While Robinson had a right to be upset, Dana White made a point to say that Jackson broke three rules himself with the unintentional low-kick, strikes to the back of the head and his grabbing of the fence.

One thing is for sure: The competition is all tied up and it all comes down to the final fight of the season next week!

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