“The Day I Got Introduced To Pain”, A Gary Goodridge Exclusive

Gary Goodridge
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The show kicked off with an interview from MMA legend Gary “Big Daddy” Goodridge. Plenty of topics were touched on by Goodridge and the hosts, Anotn Skoro and Denny Hodge. Towards the end of the interview Goodridge reflected on three of the most memorable moments from his expansive career.

1. “I fought Cal Worsham in IVC (International Vale Tudo)—I really enjoyed that”

2. “When I fought Fedor. Why I remember fighting Fedor so well is because he took my front tooth and put it in the back of my mouth, I couldn’t believe it. —I had to go to the dentist for a few hours after that.”

3. “The other monumental time is when I fought Glaube Feitosa. Man this guy introduced me to what pain was all about. I got introduced that night. I lost the fight but it was monumental to me because I just couldn’t believe the pain I went through. —That’s the day that Gary Goodridge got introduced to pain.”

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By Ryan C. Miller | Twitter

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