Team Quest’s Michelle Ould Calls ‘Brown Pride’ Tattoo Into Question, Wants ‘White Pride’ Bra Allowed In Cage

The UFC heavyweight champion’s chest has long been adorned with a tattoo expressing his pride for his Mexican heritage.

While many people may look in awe of the ‘Brown Pride’ lettering he has chosen to use as a symbol of his cultural upbringing, others, often closed-minded individuals seem to think it’s part of a racist and/or racially charged movement in America.

This is obviously not the case.

Team Quest female fighter, Michelle Ould has decided, for whatever reason, that right now is the time to express her desire to liken the pride of the UFC champion, but for her own race.

Check it out:

Unfortunately for Ould, terms such as ‘white pride’ and ‘white power’ have long been associated with racism and bigotry.

The simple facts are that in America, there is a long history of ignorance regarding ethnicity and color that stretches back just a mere 50 years. The ‘civil rights movement’ was one of the most needed acts in our countries short history and questioning the use of such terms brings back thoughts of what was once a socially unequal society we have been fortunate enough to surpass in modern times.

The term ‘brown pride’ is a tough pill for some to swallow, but it doesn’t have the same negative history attached to it as the term Ould is suggesting.

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