Swanson Wants Edgar Fight On FOX

Cub Swanson and Frankie Edgar don’t want to sit and wait for Chad Mendes and Jose Aldo to fight for them to know who will be the #1 contender. They want to find out themselves by having an elimination match for the spot.

Swanson spoke on The MMA Hour:

“I’m not going to beg anyone else and say ‘please please Dana give me the title shot,'” Swanson said. “Because its like, I’m showing up, I’m fighting in great fashion. I believe the fans like my style. That should be all. I let my fighting do the talking, I don’t have to put on great show and dance to make it bigger than it is.”

“I’m getting older,” Swanson said. “I want to fight the big fights, I feel like I deserve to do that. Frankie Edgar is a big name, as long as we could get that fight on a big fight like a FOX card, I’d be up for it.”

“Basically I earned the title shot a couple times now,” Swanson said. “But the problem is I’ve been the odd man out every time. They keep telling me to wait, wait, I ended up waiting a whole year, I got Jeremy Stephens. Tough guy, way better than that number that was next to his name. To wait out a whole year again, I just don’t want to do that.

“The problem is I’m not guaranteed the title shot,” Swanson said. ‘I’m told, but there are no guarantees, because, what if Mendes beats Aldo? I just feel like they’re going to give him an immediate rematch, like every longtime champion. So then I’m going to be asked out again. Another thing is, what if Aldo wins and gets injured? It’s like I’m waiting a year and a half. So I think the best thing for me, as long as there is a big fight, lets do it.”

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