Swanson on Fight Night 57 fight week isolation in Texas


Leading up to UFC Fight Night 57 tonight, Cub Swanson explained that he and the other fighters were being kept almost an hour away from the venue where they will be fighting.

The Horseshoe Bay where the fighters are being kept is apparently in a remote area of Texas, without many people, but with a spa and golf course, something Swanson plans on taking advantage of tomorrow.

(via MMAJunkie)

“We’ve been pretty secluded, man. They have us out here at Horseshoe Bay. It’s about an hour away from the city. It’s been a little rough. We’re like on an island out here. I haven’t seen too many people.”

“Well, I’d like to be in the city and not doing an hour shuttle to do the interviews,”

“It’s still a resort. There’s a golf course and a spa. You really can’t complain.”

According to the legendary Burt Watson, the fighters are being kept so far away because of overbooked hotels near the venue.

Do you think Swanson will be able to get the win tonight and secure himself a title shot?

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