Stud Show Radio Takes A Jab At Another MMA Podcast

TAM RADIO Team Alpha Male Radio

Thursday night and you know what that means, Stud Show Radio! (formerly Team Alpha Male Radio) On the recent episode of the popular video podcast, the hosts, Justin Buchholz and Chris Carlino aka Sir Studboy, spent time talking about various MMA headlines and topics.

But before they got into all of that they took a few verbal jabs at another popular MMA podcast. Check it out below.

“I saw that one, Submission Radio or something, they have like five hundred views. We get more comments than that. I get more comments about steak tartare than you guys do listeners,” Carlino continued, “More people comment about my steak tartare eating than they comment on your entire show.”

In the words, or word, of Carlino himself, daaaayuuuuuuumn.

Watch the clip below:

By: Ryan C. Miller | Twitter

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