‘Stitch’ Duran On Dana’s Recent Comments: ‘He Has No Clue’

stitch dana

“I don’t know, maybe I’m jabbing a bit too hard and he has to come back with something. But, that’s not much of a counter-punch. He says we have 10 cutmen (in UFC). But let me correct that. In the United States, we have 13 cutmen. In Europe there is four or five, in Brazil we have two and Canda has one. He says he never deals with cutmen. But, he’s the one who started this program and as a general you always know who’s in the frontlines and who’s in the backlines. That’s just good strategy. And if you get Dana to name three cutmen outside of myself and Don House, he has no clue. And he didn’t really appreciate the things that we did.”

Former UFC cutman Jacob ‘Stitch’ Duran recently talked to ‘Off The Ball‘ ¬†about Dana White’s recent comments, where he slammed Duran for saying they were friends.


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