Stephens: ‘The Punching Power Advantage Belongs To Me’

“I have the striking advantage with the power. He TKO’s people, but when I knock people out they don’t move, they don’t get up. Their corners have to carry them back and ask them what the f–k just happened. He TKO’s guys where they’re still rocked and dazed, but they’re still seeing the lights compared to when I do it, the lights just go completely out.

“When I hit people, it’s not a flash knockout where they get back up and I hit them a couple of times and the ref stops it and they’re like ‘oh I wasn’t out’. I hit people where it’s like ‘what happened?’. The coaches have to wake them up. That’s just a difference in power.”

In a recent interview with FOX Sports, UFC featherweight Jeremy Stephens discussed his upcoming main event against Cub Swanson.

The two will battle it out on FOX Sports 1 next Saturday.

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