St. Pierre opens up as -225 favorite over Johny Hendricks (+175)

Quickly after Georges St. Pierre’s (24-2, 18-2 in UFC) recent win in Montreal, his next fight has already opened up to the odds books. Johny Hendricks (15-1, 10-1 in UFC) who recently defeated Carlos Condit (28-7, 5-3 in UFC) by decision at UFC 158, was labeled the number one contender by UFC president Dana White.

Now has this bout listed under ‘Future Events’, with St. Pierre as a -225 favorite over the +175 Hendricks.

Of course in mixed martial arts any fighter can win a given fight with a punchers chance, but with Hendricks’ incredible power and relentless attack both on his feet and on the canvas, this fight should be considered a winnable one for ‘Bigg Rigg’.

St. Pierre has been so widely successful at neutralizing opponents’ strengths and wearing them down with relentless takedowns. Taking down Hendricks won’t be the same task as putting Nick Diaz on his back. And on the feet, the Oklahoman’s power is much more of a pressing threat than most of St. Pierre’s previous opponents.

But with no set date for this fight, and now reports of a six month layoff for St. Pierre, a lot lies between today and the day both these welterweights duke it out inside the Octagon.

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