Sonnen trashes Lil Nog & Belfort

Love him or hate him, Chael Sonnen (27-13-1 MMA, 6-6 UFC) is without question a ‘company man’, as he is always willing to step in and fight the best in the world whenever the UFC calls upon him to do so.

Chael recently spoke out about a couple of his peers whom he feels fail to ‘show up’ for their employer:

“‘Little Nerd’ said that he was going to do this fight and pulled out like he always does. Coincidentally, after the posters, press releases and free marketing all got done. I’m from a different time. I’m from a time when your word meant something. I’m from a time that, when you sign a contract, you show up for work whether you feel like it or not. This guy called in sick, like he always does, three weeks in advance. Nobody sitting out there today can call up their boss and say, ‘Hey boss, three weeks from now, I’m not going to feel good.’ It can’t happen. He comes out two days ago and says he wants to fight ‘Shogun.’ Well listen genius; you could’ve fought ‘Shogun.’ You could have fought him in Winnipeg and you gave your word to the fans, to the promotion and to ‘Shogun’ that you would fight him.

The number one rule in show business, and you saw with all the hurdles that our leadership has had to get through, the show must go on. Every time ‘Lil’ Nog’ or Vitor Belfort signs a contract, I go into training camp because I know an opportunity is going to open up. That’s just the reality of the situation. I think Shogun’s outstanding, he’s got a ton of skills and he can definitely beat me. I can beat him too. I want to go into this fight being a bully knowing that I can beat the guy. It’s a very hard match. We’re both coming off very tough matches, but even Babe Ruth struck out every now and then. We both fight very tough guys and we fight them all the time. Above all else, if we give our word that we’ll show up, we will.”

Sonnen and Shogun are set to headline this weekend’s UFC Fight Night 26 event live from Boston’s TD Garden.

Do you agree with Chael’s statements regarding Vitor and Lil Nog? Let’s hear it Penn Nation!

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