Sonnen predicts 2nd round stoppage in Rousey vs. Holm fight

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While many believe that Holly Holm is Ronda Rousey’s toughest test to date, one man believes that Holm’s ‘very limited’ skillset won’t do her many favors in the fight.

Sonnen broke it down for MMAMania:

“There is just so many different ways to look at this,” said Sonnen, who is now the color commentator for World Series of Fighting (WSOF). “On one hand, Holly is a better competitor than the last few girls Ronda has fought. As far as skills-wise for MMA, I think she is very limited. It is important to remember — even though she has only won two UFC fights — she is undefeated. Even though she has only had nine MMA fights, she did win them all. She does have an ability to know a set date, a set of circumstances, an agreed upon weight class, show up, do her part and get her hand raised. There are not that many women who do. The sport is so new and what Ronda had that was so unique was a competitive background, not actual technique. That gets lost on people. The sport of judo has had a miserable and minuscule run of success in UFC. In the history of UFC, judo has not fared very well. There is only one exception. And it’s not because [Ronda] is so good at judo or knows some kind of skills that others don’t know, the thing that sets Ronda apart is that she has competed so much.”

Ultimately however, Sonnen saw the fight ending in the 2nd round.

“If I had to go one way or the other, I think it gets past the first. I think Ronda Rousey, end of the second round TKO.”

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