Sonnen: ‘Jones Is The Baddest Man On The Planet’

Sonnen Jones

Chael Sonnen has fought many top contenders throughout his 44 fight professional MMA career, including: Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, Shogun Rua, Rashad Evans, Mayhem Miller, and more.

Despite being retired now, Sonnen still manages to keep his name in headlines with his podcast, through Tweets, and with interviews.

Since it was announced that Anderson Silva tested positive for PEDs earlier this month, there has been much talk of who is the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time), with many giving the title to Jon Jones now, despite Jones recent failed drug test for cocaine.

Sonnen discussed who he thought the baddest fighter on the planet is on The Adam Carolla Show, saying:

“It’s very unlikely that anybody is going to do too well with Jon Jones right now. The longer you stay out there with him is turning into a success. It’s like the Mike Tyson days. If you could just get to Round 2 and 3 – and boy, if you make it to 5 – it’s such a victory, morally. Jon Jones is the baddest dude walking the planet, and that’s just the reality.”

Jones is so good in Sonnen’s eyes, that he admitted he knew Jones was better than himself, “right away” once the fight started.

“I walked out there thinking I was going to beat this guy. I had my matches with Anderson, and Anderson won them, but I whipped him. He won like the last three seconds of the fight and won the fight. So I went in there with a bunch of confidence against Jon Jones. I trained right – everything was perfect. Man, it must have been 30 seconds in when I realized when this is a whole other deal. He felt like he weighed 300 pounds.

“When he put his hands on me and pushed me up against the fence, it was like a Volvo against a Mack truck.”