Sonnen: ‘I’m fighting Shogun because Chicken Belly Nog Pulled A Scumbag Move’

“Little Chicken Belly Nog pulled the same scumbag move that he does every time, lets the UFC put out posters, commercials, doing everything to promote him, knowing full well he’s not going to do the fight. Once again he calls in sick, three weeks early. In no industry on earth can you do that. Nobody can call their boss and say ‘Hey, boss, 20 days from now, I’m not going to feel good’. So he calls in sick three weeks early… it was a ruse from the beginning, and basically, I just wanted to help out.”

If insulting Nogueira brothers was an endurance sport, Chael Sonnen would be poised for an iron man title.

In his latest interview with The Telegraph, Chael P. Sonnen, explains why he is fighting Shogun Rua at UFC on FS1.


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