Sonnen: ‘If Jones returns to immediate title shot none of this makes sense’

Chael Sonnen

Chael P Sonnen

Jon “Bones” Jones was one of the most dominant champions in combat sports when he was holding the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship. Now, he is stripped of his title and suspended as a fighter until he takes care of his life outside of the octagon.

If he can get his act together and make it back into the UFC, President Dana White has gone on record saying that “Bones” would get an immediate shot at the title.

Former UFC fighter and current Metamoris grappler Chael Sonnen believes that it makes no sense if Jones were to get an immediate title shot. Sonnen believes that if Jones can regain his championship in just one match, it’s almost as if he never left in the first place.

“If you put him in a title fight then none of this makes sense. It’s the exact same spot he’s in,” Sonnen told MMAMania. “He walks out to the ring without the belt and he walks away with the belt. Or, if he loses, he doesn’t leave with the belt. That is the exact same thing that would’ve happened if he would’ve walked to the ring with the belt.”

Considering he has been stripped of his position as champion in the company, should he get an immediate shot when he returns? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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