Sonnen: ‘If It was up to me Aldo would be stripped!’

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Chael Sonnen

If Chael Sonnen ruled the UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo wouldn’t have his belt anymore.

The former UFC fighter talked on MMAJunkie Radio about the UFC 189 situation, with Aldo pulling out and Conor McGregor and Chad Mendes meeting for the interim title.

Sonnen said he would have completely stripped Aldo of his title, with this being his fifth pull-out. Check it out.

“I couldn’t imagine pulling out of a fight, ever, for any reason, let alone a title fight, and he’s done it five times. You can call it an interim championship – I guess that’s what you have to do. If I’m in charge, we strip him.

“The whole thing is weird. Jose Aldo’s sitting around talking about moving up to 155 (pounds), his coach (Andre Pederneiras) is talking about no longer coaching him, or anyone else for that matter, and his training partner, who hurts him, is doing a media tour the very next day and tells the story of how he hurt him, and how he threw this kick and the champ was rolling around on the floor, crying – almost trying to put himself over. It was just really weird.

“I couldn’t imagine working out with a guy throwing kicks hard enough that he could break my ribs; I would not work out with the guy twice. And if the guy went on a media tour the very next day, putting his own name out there and describing how he did it and how I was rolling around in pain on the floor and I couldn’t get up, that’s not much of a teammate. They have a lot of success out of that gym, but it’s a disaster with the things you read.”

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