Sonnen: I can beat Rashad Evans, but I don’t know how

“You know, I’m on the card and I’m a huge fan, but outside of my fight and (George) St-Pierre’s, I don’t know who else is fighting that night. The card as a whole has not been promoted. I think when you have Georges St. Pierre on a card, then at times they view that as enough, and it appears that’s the case. There’s another storyline here as well, that this is the 20th anniversary event of the UFC, so that’s also been taking some headlines. But I agree. I saw a commercial, I saw the poster, and Rashad and I weren’t on either. So, that’s up to them. They handle that part, I handle the fight.”

“I think we’re (himself and Evans) very similar. I’ve always been impressed with Rashad. I cheer for him in so many different matches, I never saw this fight as taking place because we were in different weight classes. So, yeah, he’s good. He’s really, really good. Not only is a world champion, he’s fought six world champions and stopped them all. And he beat the guys from the last generation. He’s one of the only guys from our era that the guys from the last era, from the Tito’s to the Chuck Liddell’s. So I’ve got no complaints with the way he fights. I think I can beat him, but I really don’t know how.”

Three-time, two-division, title challenger, Chael P. Sonnen, was recently a guest on Tap Out radio where he discussed his upcoming UFC 167 co-main event against Rashad Evans.

He’s right about this fight not getting too much promotion, so while we are talking about it, who ya got?

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