Sonnen on Cyborg: Stop “Bizarre” Ronda Callouts And Make Weight

Chael Sonnen

Chael P Sonnen
“I know her (Cyborg) personally and she’s a very nice gal. If you judge a book by the cover, you will be wrong about her. That said, the only person holding up that fight is her. Ronda Rousey is at 135 pounds in the UFC. She’ll fight any 135 pound woman out there. Cyborg is not in the UFC and she is not 135 pounds.

Cris seems to be the one that wants the fight, but she’s also the one holding it up. I appreciate her callouts and the intensity behind them, but the reality is still that she’s dragging her feet here. She has to get to 135 to get into the UFC. That’s all she has to do.

There’s no other athlete in the world that will find an easier entry for a title fight. They didn’t even do that for Lesnar. Cyborg literally has the golden ticket, and she’s the one that hasn’t made the weight. To talk about the fight when you’re the one stopping it is bizarre.”

In a new interview with’s Steph Daniels, Chael Sonnen talked about the fight everone wants, Cyborg vs. Rousey.

How much sense does the Gangster make?