Slice: ‘This Isn’t My Last Fight, I Will Fight Again’

Kimbo Slice

Kimbo Slice stepped into the cage on Friday night at “Bellator 138” and gave Ken Shamrock one of the most vicious knockouts of his career.

Shamrock looked to be on his way to a submission victory just minutes into the fight after he easily tripped Slice to the ground. Slice looked to be stuck in a rear naked choke with nowhere to go, but he was able to turn out of it and get back to his feet; It was all downhill from there for Shamrock.

Shamrock, seemingly gassed from torquing the choke too hard, backed up until his back was against the fence. Slice fired off shot after shot until Shamrock eventually fell to the mat and the referee waved off the fight. Slice celebrated and exclaimed that he has evolved as a fighter after his fight.

Apparently, Kimbo will have the opportunity to prove that again in the future. “This is not my last fight,” Slice told MMAjunkie. “I will be fighting again.”

Slice said the fight went exactly how he thought it would, with the exception of the choke attempt. “It was the fight I daydreamed about and saw over and over in my head, but without being put in a chokehold,” Slice joked. “That, I didn’t see coming.”

Who could put Kimbo Slice to the test in Bellator? Which heavyweight would you like him to face next? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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