Silva Working On Power Loss In Left Leg And Hip

Anderson Silva

“I was very apprehensive when I had the injury, I thought that I wouldn’t fight anymore. Fabiano (Bastos, his physiotherapist) is following my recovering and we can note the deficit of strength that my leg has. I’m doing some stuff that I used to do because I can’t right now. I’m trying to regain this condition at my strength training with master Rogerio Camoes and the physiotherapy. I was very scared about this situation. I had never had an injury.”

“The injury has been overcome. There still is some blocking about the kind of move that I do when training. We’re working on resolving this issue so I can do everything that I used to do with effectiveness. I’m still unsafe. At my takedown defense training, I use my leg, my knee and my hips. I lost a little of strength and balance at my hips. We’re training to regain this. There is a important strength training and physiotherapy to achieve this. My head need to be fine. I’ll be back.”

During a recent sitdown with the media in Brazil, former UFC middleweight fighter Anderson Silva discusses the process of recovery from his tragic leg break in 2013.

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