Silva Manager: ‘Nick Diaz has got balls’

Diaz Silva
“Speaking to my business partner Jorge [Guimaraes], he said that was one of the greatest shoots he’d ever seen. Nick Diaz going and laying down, Nick Diaz doing what he was doing, and not only doing that…but doing that to Anderson Silva.”

“I mean, if you’re going to lay down in a mixed martial arts fight in the UFC, you’ve got to have balls. But to do that against Anderson Silva, dude, you’re an a–hole, man. That guy’s got balls.”

“He backed it up. He went out there and went toe-to-toe with him. I’ve got nothing but respect for Nick Diaz.”

In a recent interview with, Anderson Silva’s manager, Ed Soares discussed the antics of Nick Diaz in last weekend’s UFC 183 main event.

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