Silva: I Won’t Stop Until I Get My Title

anderson silva

Anderson Silva appears to be back, and it sounds like he means business. After losing to Chris Weidman on July 5th in 2013, and losing his middleweight championship Silva released a video saying “I’m back, trust me, I’m back.” However in their rematch in December of 2013, Silva snapped his leg.

Now Silva is slated to fight Nick Diaz in January of 2015. Upon announcing his return, Silva said:

“I’m over this thing of being champion, having the title,” he said. “The truth is, there will only be one Ayrton Senna, there will only be one Pele, and there will only be one Anderson Silva, so whoever saw me (as champion), saw me. Who haven’t seen me (as champion), won’t see it.

“In a way you’ll see me (fight again), but not for the belt, that thing of being champion again. I don’t have patience for this. I think I’m closer to retirement every day.”

Now it seems that the UFC legend is changing his tune. He spoke to Veja about his desire to reclaim his UFC championship.

“Look, besides returning well in 2015, my project in the UFC is only one: I won’t stop (fighting) until I get my title back,” Silva said in an interview to Veja. “I want to at least try.”

By Evan Stoumbelis

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