Silva Doesn’t Agree With CABMMA’s Decision To Take His Win


“Nobody told me anything,” Silva said. “I’m actually surprised. It surprises me, but at the same time it doesn’t. We know this was not the first mistake a referee has made in the UFC, and it can happen in any sport. If they decided to overturn the result, I won’t protest. I don’t agree because there were many other mistakes and they never changed the result. I have a clear conscience.”

“My opinion is the same. I locked the guillotine and he tried to defend himself. I watched the fight four times. You can see him holding my wrist and then letting it go. He was soft, and the referee stopped the fight and I said ‘tap’, the first word that came to my mind at that time. It wasn’t my fault. I made weight and fought, but that happened.”

In a statement to‘s Guilherme Cruz, Leandro Silva reacts to the recent news that CABMMA has turned his controversial UFC Fight Night 62 win over Drew Dober into a no-contest.